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What made Nosgoth unique?

The lasting effect this game has had on its players is phenomenal. How has this game had such a long-lasting effect, however? Today we’re taking a look at what made this game so unique in an attempt to better understand the Nosgoth phenomenon.

The fan art of Nosgoth

Nosgoth may be gone now but the community lives on! The fan-created works continue to evolve and grow despite the games unchanging situation. There’s fan-art, fan-fiction and much more to discover hidden away online. Today we take a look at a few of them and where you can […]

In the Wake of Nosgoth

It’s almost been one year since Nosgoth was cancelled. Sad times. The community is coping in different ways as everyone moves on with their lives. However, the sense of community is still strong despite the game now being dead and gone.