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Category: Upcoming Games

Code Vein announcement trailer is here

  Bandai Namco has finally released the announcement trailer for Code Vein. The third-person RPG will be releasing in 2018 for all major home consoles. This most likely means a […]

Zombie Teacher enters Kickstarter

Developer Edgy Games has just launched their Kickstarter for Zombie Teacher. In this difficult arcade platform game, players must race though the 7 circles of Video Game Hell to escape. […]

5 Games worth getting in May

May may be quite a quiet time for gaming this year but that doesn’t mean there’s no good games coming out this month. This month includes some great smaller titles […]

Zombie Teacher Preview

Zombie Teacher is a tough arcade platformer developed by one man. The aim of the game is simple, reach the end of the level and touch the arcade machine at […]

5 Characters we want to see in Injustice 2

Injustice 2 will be released next month for May 16th and while NetherRealm Studios has announced some of the characters, the full roster hasn’t been revealed just yet. Here are […]

Outlast 2 launch trailer is here

Red Barrels Studio has released a launch trailer for their upcoming horror game Outlast 2. The most anticipated horror game of the year is almost here and players will be […]

Bandai Namco announces Code Vein

Bandai Namco announced a new project last week but has finally released some more details about the game. Code Vein is an action-RPG set in a disaster stricken world where […]

Attack on Kitten Demo Review

As part of our preview series looking at upcoming games, I took the time to play the Attack on Kitten demo and it was certainly an experience. Attack on Kitten […]

ECHOPLEX Early Access Review

ECHOPLEX, a cyber-horror puzzle game which is set in the near future. You are a unnamed person, who has lost his memories. Using the Memory retrieval and reparation program (Memred) […]

5 Games worth buying in April

April has an impressive list of games coming out this year which ranges from horror to family friends platformers and military shooters. There’s a good number of games coming next […]

My Weekend With Splatoon 2

Over this past weekend, Nintendo launched the first “Global Testfire” event for the much-anticipated sequel to Splatoon.¬†For the uninitiated, Splatoon was one of the diamonds in the rough on Nintendo’s […]