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Category: Reviews

ECHOPLEX Early Access Review

ECHOPLEX, a cyber-horror puzzle game which is set in the near future. You are a unnamed person, who has lost his memories. Using the Memory retrieval and reparation program (Memred) […]

Use Your Words Review

Use Your Words is a word based party game in a style similar to the Jackbox games. The game is designed for 3-6 players and each player needs to use […]

DMC: Devil May Cry Review

If you have played any other Devil May Cry games then you’re going to be quite familiar with the fifth game of the series. DMC: Devil May Cry is set in […]

Feral Fury Review

  Feral Fury is a unique “Fast-paced twin shooter rogue-lite action” arcade game that takes place in the future where humanity has fallen from its own self-destruction and the world […]

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Review

Final Fantasy XV’s first DLC has burst onto the scene like a car full of spiky-haired anime protagonists. In episode Gladiolus you play as, you guessed it, Gladio. This first of […]

The Great Whale Road Review

The Great Whale Road has just left Early Access and entered full release and I’ve been able to spend the past week with a press copy of the game. This […]

Gunjack VR Review

Gunjack is the stunning arcade game set in the EVE Online universe. The player is placed into the role of a solitary Gunjack who needs to shoot all of the […]

Survivalizm 0.0.2 Preview

Survivalizm is an animal simulator where the player is able to select from and control a range of different animals. The game includes both herbivores and carnivores allowing players to […]

Overwatch Review

The highly acclaimed award winning multiplayer shooter that took the world by storm. Most of us are familiar with the story of how Overwatch was going to be a free […]

Lucius II Review

Lucius II is an interesting move away from the original game. It provides the players with the freedom to kill with few restraints while also guiding players along a path […]

Party Hard Review

In Party Hard, players are able to fulfill that secret desire to murder everyone at that noisy party next door. Calling the police, complaining to the neighbour hosting the party […]