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Category: Reviews

AereA Review

Developer: Triangle Studios Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing Release date: June 2nd 2017 Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Reviewed on: PC AereA is a music themed ARPG where players are sent on a […]

The Final Specimen: Arrival Review

Developer: Gigantoraptor Games Publisher: Video Game Music Studios Release Date: March 3rd 2017 Platforms: PC Reviewed on: PC   The Final Specimen: Arrival is a comedic sci-fi adventure game which […]

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Review

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is an interesting top-down shooter which is dragged down slightly by it’s name. While this game is supposedly related to the Reservoir Dogs movie, there’s very […]

Flinthook Review

I played Flinthook for the first time at PAX East 2016. I was immediately drawn to Tribute Games booth by Flinthook’s bright cartoony aesthetic and the prospect of addictive roguelite gameplay. A […]

The Cat Lady Review

When you think of the cat lady what comes into mind? The Cat Lady takes a new stance on this age-old image of the notorious old woman who seems to […]

NBA Playgrounds Review

NBA Playgrounds brings back the classic arcade sport game along with a load of fun. This game was hot on everyone’s radar as it brings back the nostalgic feel of […]

Syberia 2: Game Review

The Syberia series is something that, for many people, could be considered a cult classic. With the arrival, after many years of rumors and waiting, of the new Syberia game, […]

Agatha Knife Review

Agatha Knife is an interesting Point & Click game filled with puzzles that players need to complete to progress through the game. The gameplay is simple yet the puzzles require […]

Under Leaves Review

Under Leaves is a beautifully illustrated hidden object game that takes the players through the world’s diverse animal kingdoms ranging from the cold lands of Greenland to the safari plains […]

Zombie Teacher Preview

Zombie Teacher is a tough arcade platformer developed by one man. The aim of the game is simple, reach the end of the level and touch the arcade machine at […]

Persona 5 Review

The Persona series has always found ways to push characters’ personal insecurities while combining thorough dungeon crawling with a gripping story. This not only keeps fans of the series coming […]

Parappa The Rapper Remastered Review

Parappa The Rapper is a special game. Before the rhythm game scene was dominated by Guitar Hero and Rockband Parappa was my first real taste of a rhythm game. That spunky rapping […]

Asura Review

Asura is a top-down hack ‘n’ slash game which draws heavily from the rogue-like genre for a unique procedural experience designed to challenge players. This indie game is unforgiving and […]