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Category: Features

3 Months Later: 8 of the Best Switch Games

Nintendo has been sweeping the gaming world these past few months, most notably due to its new increasingly successful, home/mobile hybrid console, the Switch. Now reaching its 3 month mark […]

10 Games you might have missed in May

May isn’t exactly renown for game releases but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely barren. Some great and interesting video games have been released this month and you probably missed […]

Nosgoth: One year after the cancellation

It’s officially been one year since the game was taken offline. Today I’m going to be reflecting on everything that’s happened so far. If you’ve missed my previous Nosgoth articles […]

ARMS First Impressions

This weekend was the first global ‘Testpunch’ or open beta for Nintendo’s first IP, ARMS. The upcoming 3D fighter is set to release┬áJune 16th but is offering players a chance […]

Do Gamers Still Want Dead Island 2?

Survival games have made huge waves in the gaming world during the past decade. Growing more popular with the help of games from the Resident Evil series, Nazi Zombies in […]

Do gamers still want demos?

What ever happened to the game demo? Well, very few developers are still willing to release demos for their game. This is for a range of reasons such as it […]

What made Nosgoth unique?

The lasting effect this game has had on its players is phenomenal. How has this game had such a long-lasting effect however? Today we’re taking a look at what made […]

4 Games That Were Cancelled Too Soon

Let’s admit that we all had our hopes and dreams crushed before our very eyes as we discover that the game will no longer be coming out; using the dreaded […]

10 Hilarious Skyrim Mods Worth Playing

The fifth title in The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has been keeping players busy for over five years now. Downloadable content gave Dragonborn everywhere loads of more quests, new characters […]

My Top 5 Overwatch Skins

There’s no question that everyone loves to collect and show up custom cosmetics on players on any game. With Overwatch Blizzard keeps the game fresh by offering over 350 skins […]