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Category: Opinion

Misunderstood Gems: Final Fantasy XII

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most beloved video game franchises to grace the JRPG genre. From titles like the emotionally character-driven Final Fantasy IV and steampunk-style Final […]

The Fall of Nosgoth

If you don’t know what Nosgoth was then check out the Open Beta trailer. What was Nosgoth? Nosgoth was one part third-person shooter, one part hack-and-slash while also having that […]

2017 is the year of the Arena Shooter

Arena shooter games have fallen from the limelight over the past decade but this year seems to be marking their return to mainstream gaming. Three major arena shooter games have […]

5 Games worth buying in April

April has an impressive list of games coming out this year which ranges from horror to family friends platformers and military shooters. There’s a good number of games coming next […]