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What made Nosgoth unique?

The lasting effect this game has had on its players is phenomenal. How has this game had such a long-lasting effect, however? Today we’re taking a look at what made this game so unique in an attempt to better understand the Nosgoth phenomenon.

8 Games We Hope to See on the SNES Mini

With the ultimate success of the Nintendo’s compact emulator, the NES mini selling out of store shelves as quickly as they were stocked, Nintendo recently pulled the plug on production. The retro flashbacks won’t end there for the trademark video game company with their announcement of the SNES […]

5 Games worth getting in May

May might be quite a quiet time for gaming this year but that doesn’t mean there are no good games coming out this month. This month includes some great smaller titles and some highly anticipated games also. All of which are worth purchasing if you own the platform […]