Tiny Rails Review

Tiny Rails is a management game for those looking to play something in the background while relaxing. Advertisements

5 Games worth getting in July

This is looking to be like a nice month for Nintendo. With several major game releases and a new 2DS/3DS being released, this is the perfect time to grab one […]

10 Games you might have missed in June

The middle of the year isn’t exactly renown for amazing game releases but we at Lunawolf Gaming think that’s bullshit. There are great games being released every single month. If […]

Deadly Labs Review

Developer:  Rebound Games Publisher: Rebound Games Release Date: Q4 2017 Platforms: Android & iOS Reviewed on: Android   Deadly Labs is the first mobile game from indie developers Rebound Games. […]

Vampyr E3 gameplay demo

The upcoming dark RPG Vampyr has a new gameplay demo. If you missed it during E3, this is a great time to check it out.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance E3 trailer

The highly anticipated RPG received a release date just before E3 began. Now, the game also has a brand new trailer which showcases the plot for the game in addition […]