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Gabe A.

I am a Front end Web Developer and avid game lover. I play all genres, but really love shooters and rpg's. Huge Pokemon fan, and Overwatch. When I'm not gaming or designing web sites, you can find me in the gym working on my summer bod.

E3 2017: Best of Nintendo

Did Nintendo win E3 2017? In my opinion, yes. They had to come out swinging to promote their latest innovation, the Nintendo Switch. Their past E3’s have been pretty suspect leaving fans with a bad taste as they didn’t feel connected with their audience. Well, good news. They’re […]

ARMS First Impressions

This weekend was the first global ‘Testpunch’ or open beta for Nintendo’s first IP, ARMS. The upcoming 3D fighter is set to release June 16th but is offering players a chance to test it out for free during designated times. The testpunch offers different characters to choose from and […]