Everything We Know About The Evil Within 2

During E3 2017, Bethesda presented the new trailer to the sequel, The Evil Within. Created by Tango Gameworks and Shinji Mikami, players are, once again, thrust into the dark realm with […]

Inner Voices: Game Review

Developer:  Sigma Games Publisher: Fat Dog Games Release Date: May 10th 2017  Platforms: PC Reviewed on: PC     Inner Voices is a non-linear, story-driven psychological horror game with rogue-like […]

Top 5 Hits of Ubisoft Press Conference

The Ubisoft press conference was good. Not the greatest thing I’ve seen but still good. There were some good games that were showcased and some that weren’t good, example being […]

Games We’re Excited To See at E3

The whole community is excited. Big names as well as the smaller ones are going to be there. So many reveals. So many secrets are coming to light. Who isn’t […]

The Cat Lady Review

When you think of the cat lady what comes into mind? The Cat Lady takes a new stance on this age-old image of the notorious old woman who seems to […]

Syberia 2: Game Review

The Syberia series is something that, for many people, could be considered a cult classic. With the arrival, after many years of rumors and waiting, of the new Syberia game, […]

4 Games That Were Cancelled Too Soon

Let’s admit that we all had our hopes and dreams crushed before our very eyes as we discover that the game will no longer be coming out; using the dreaded […]

Under Leaves Review

Under Leaves is a beautifully illustrated hidden object game that takes the players through the world’s diverse animal kingdoms ranging from the cold lands of Greenland to the safari plains […]

Feral Fury Review

  Feral Fury is a unique “Fast-paced twin shooter rogue-lite action” arcade game that takes place in the future where humanity has fallen from its own self-destruction and the world […]