Meet the Wolf Pack

Who is Lunawolf Gaming?


The founder of the team. CLICK CLICK BOOM BOOM

Hobbies: Gaming, Puzzles, eSports, Writing and Coin Collecting
Favourite video game genres: Management, Tycoon, Simulation, Strategy and Action
Game of 2016: Nosgoth / Doom


The moral support and “DE_carry”

Hobbies: Gaming, sleeping, airsoft, reading manga, food!
Favourite video game genres: Able to like every genre, as long as the game is good
Game of 2016: Undertale


Here to collect some kick-ass experiences

Hobbies: Gaming, sports and DC comics
Favourite video game genres: Strategy, MOBA and RPG
Game of 2016: Witcher 3


Long term video game enthusiast and demon slayer

Hobbies: Gaming and playing the bass
Favourite video game genres: JRPGs and a good FPS
Game of 2016: Doom


Crossing over from fiction to game journalism

Hobbies: Reading, writing, gaming and binge watching YouTube and Netflix.
Favourite video game genres: RPG, survival horror, hidden objects,indie, puzzles and adventure.
Game of 2016: Dead Island


Getting started on the path to greatness

Hobbies: Swimming, football(soccer), movies, video games, architect designs, shopping, working out
Favourite video game genres: RPG, Action, FPS, MOBA and racing
Game of 2016: Watch Dogs 2


Lover of all things cosplay and gaming

Hobbies: Cosplay, books, comics, writing short stories/comics, playing video games
Favourite video game genres: RPG, MMOs, action adventure platformers, favourite video game series being Tomb Raider
Game of 2016: Final Fantasy XV


From Dark Souls to Street Fighter

Hobbies: playing/writing music, reading, video games, drawing
Favorite game genres: Anything but most notably action/adventure, RPG, racing, FPS, fighting
Game of 2016: Dark Souls 3


Young Pokemon trainer from the South side of Pallet Town who loves games

Hobbies: Games, Sports, web development, animals, fitness
Favorite Game genres: Shooter, RPG, Sports
Game of 2016: Overwatch


The artistic influence with a dash of awesomeness

Hobbies: Drawing, music, gaming, movies, healthy lifestyle
Favorite game genres: Multiplayer , FPS, Indie/Survival
Game of 2016: Nosgoth / Overwatch