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Incoming… Witchfire!

The Astronauts, the team behind Vanishing of Ethan Carter, have revealed their newest project – Witchfire.

Not many things were told about the game other than it’s a first-person shooter in a dark-fantasy setting and it is fuelled by Unreal Engine 4. Looking at the teaser, though… Wow! Can’t wait to play it myself. Knowing the creator’s history, I expect a huge (Donald Trump approves) amount of fun.

Wait, what? Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a great narrative game, how come I am excited about an action-packed shooter from that studio? The answer is simple and I can sum it up by recalling two titles: Painkiller and Bulletstorm. Yes, guys responsible for those two shooters are part of The Astronauts.

Now, the most awful part – sitting and waiting. I’ll just watch the teaser one more time…


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