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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Recap

Isabelle is back and in full force to give us a new adventure in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp coming to smartphones in late November.  If you are unfamiliar with the series, it is a fantastic adventure game where players live alongside animals while trying to befriend and maintain a nice, peaceful lifestyle within your community.  It gets highly addicting as you complete small tasks to earn bells to buy new items for your home or town. Keeping the animals happy is the main goal and building relationships is essential.

When Nintendo announced that the Direct will be focused only on the mobile game, fans were skeptical and disappointed.  It has been 5 years since the last main stream AC game, and no I am not talking about that extremely disappointing flop on the WiiU.  However, the Nintendo Direct did not disappoint and in fact, it far exceeded fans expectations showing a very robust demo.  Pocket Camp looks more like a full console game than a mobile game.

You start off in a campsite similar to the big download in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You are in charge of styling it and getting lovely animals and other players to visit it much like your house in other games in the series.  There is still the same old activities you get to do to earn bells such as fishing, catching bugs, breaking rocks, and selling fruit.  However, you get to travel in a camper across different maps to do certain tasks for the animals as opposed to just staying in the town.  Each region appears to have different items for you to collect and different things to do.  You can even find other players and friends to trade items with.

Pocket Camp offers new mechanics to the series including Leaf Tickets which can be used to build new things for your campsite and other uses around the game. You are now able to buy these with real money aka micro transactions.  There is now more efficient ways to catch fish and bugs with the all new fish net and honey! Fishnets catch more than one fish making it easier to catch in on those sweet bells.  Lathering honey draws more bugs to the area making it easier to catch those crazy creatures.  Trading with the animals now offers you to receive materials used to craft items, yes craft items for the first time. Crafting an animals favorite item will make them more likely to show up on your campsite. You want to be the most popular Villager don’t you!  More new and exciting mechanics include customizing your camper and campsite with the help of OK Motors, Giovanni, Beppe, and Carlo are new and will help build everything out with a loan just like Tom Nook.  There appears to be many goals to accomplish for earning Leaf Tickets.

It is no question that Nintendo has really stepped up in the mobile game department much like they promised.  This game looks very promising and a huge step in the right direction for Nintendo for mobile games.  Could this game tie in with a new Switch title? We can dream can’t we?!  For a more in depth look at the new game. Check out the Direct below.  As mentioned, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is set to launch in late November.  I do need to mention that it appears to be out in Australia only right now.


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