Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review – Word up

Education is important and video games are also important. Why not combine them and teach people English words? Letter Quest does exactly this and it’s amazing to play. Fans of games such as Scrabble will especially love this title.


Developer: Bacon Bandit Games
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Release Date: August 6th, 2015
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac OS and Linux), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita
Reviewed On: PC (Windows)


NOTE: I am not a native English speaker and you may notice this at times. When I was young, my teacher thought that word board games such as Scrabble would be useful for this. The game encourages you to learn the vocabulary, spell words and also to think in English. While I may speak English well now, I’ve been dreaming of something that blended video games with a word game. Thus enters, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey.

letterquest 2017-10-18 17-40-44-58

The two protagonists of the game are grim reapers and the story is awfully simple. Grimm is hungry and he wants pizza but he needs to get it before he becomes hangry (angry hungry for those who don’t know). So naturally, he goes on a journey to find this food. However, you can also play as the other grim reaper called Rose.

Strangely, the journey to the food place is actually very dangerous. There’s a monster guarding every stage for players to defeat using their strategy and speed.


letterquest 2017-10-18 17-41-56-09

The mechanics of the game are as simple as the story but they do work well. Actions are turn-based where you attack monsters by spelling out words from a pool of available letters. The monster then attacks you back which also influences the letters available in the pool so it’s constantly changing. It forces you to adapt and change your combat approaches for almost every fight so you’re constantly on your toes.

The grim reaper’s weapon can be upgraded and there are a few different versions to select from and obtain also. In addition to this, there are different books to purchase which provide you with special skills in fights. Like other RPGs, you can buy potions to heal yourself when needed.

While you don’t need to play all of them, there are around 40 stages in the game to fight your way through. There’s also some variety to the levels also with different types of challenges for players to complete. It’s a nice amount of variety with plenty of engaging fights to win. Most importantly, the stages are not repetitive due to the special conditions on them and the powers each enemy posses which can completely change the game. The game does get more difficult as it progresses but it’s at a decent pace.


letterquestremastered 2017-10-18 17-49-56-71

I have played both the original and the remastered version. While both are great, the remastered version is much more polished thanks to its improved technical side, bigger dictionary and the added Endless Mode. This new mode allows you to ignore any kind of story and just enjoy the word-spelling action by going through an endless amounts of fights. It’s a wonderful addition to the game and I absoloutely love it.

While both games are very similar, the remastered one is just better overall. Plus, it received an update to the graphics and audio which just lifts the entire thing up a few levels.


Getting the pizza should take you about 4 to 6 hours in the story. However, if you intend to fully complete everything in the game, it should take you 30+ hours to do so. As a bonus, there’s an Endless Mode which is entertaining until you finally start to crave a different game. So you could sink a large amount of time into this game as a result.





  • Nice mechanics
  • Great graphics and audio update
  • Perfect game to teach English inside and outside of schools
  • Endless Mode is amazing



  • Story is very weak


For Teachers:

This game is a great tool for teaching English across most ages, including adults. It could be played by an individual, a pair or a large group (such as a whole class).


letterquestremastered 2017-10-18 17-47-37-80


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