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The Forest is Full of Potential

When my good friend told me to about The Forest I thought to myself, “Great another survival horror game.” Now that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy my survival horror games but I feel as if the PC market is somewhat saturated with ones that are barely up to par. The Forest is not one of these average games.

The game starts out throwing you right into the action, one boom another bang and then you wake up in a crashed plane and all the passengers are either dead or got off the plane. The mission is simple, find your son Timmy and look for as many fellow passengers as you can find.

The simplicity is only part of what makes this game so exciting and fun though. Throughout my first attempt I discovered a deeper lore about the island and it’s cannibal inhabitants. Without spoiling anything mainstream religion plays a role in how this story pans out and who these cannibals actually are or once were.

All of this makes for a great game and I haven’t even mentioned the extensive crafting system in this game. At first it was overwhelming but once you get the hang of it you can build a cozy little cannibal free sanctuary fairly quickly. Some items are much harder to get than others and some can only be found deep in the depths of the cannibal caves that riddle the island. My only gripe is the torch mechanic in the game is slightly wonky and could use some work.

I highly suggest checking out The Forest. It is currently in its alpha stage on Steam and coming to the PS4 soon. Oh how could I forget, this game is also coded to be compatible for the Occulus Rift so if you fancy a frightening up close and personal encounter with cannibals, your dream will be coming true.


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