4 Reasons to be Excited for Evil Within 2

So you’re excited for Evil Within 2 just like everyone else! No? Well, there is only one explanation for that. You haven’t played it’s brilliant predecessor. If that’s the case you should hit up the Steam store right away and get going on that first chapter. Here are a couple reasons why.

It’s terrifying

Every new chapter brings different enemies and environments into the mix for that refreshing sense of fear. From invisible mutants that can only be detected in water to chainsaw-wielding murderers that bound towards you at a frightening pace. Trust me if you go through this game without tensing up at least once in each chapter you aren’t meant to play horror games.


The Thrill of Ambiguity

Do you like to instantly know the plot? If so, this might not be the game for you. In The Evil Within, the game gives you pieces of information for you to put together the story for yourself. As a result, we can expect an array of surprises for players to enjoy as they make their ways through the mystery to uncover the truth.



Horror games these days tend to lack something: Action. They’re filled with stealth and the inability to fight. The Evil Within series demolishes that. There’s still a lot of stealth in this game but there’s plenty of fights and action scenes to embrace throughout the game. As a result, there’s a good variation in encounters with enemies so each one will be a little bit different.



A Badass Antagonist

We don’t know much about this big bad…. however, we do know that he’s evil and scary. His name is Ruvik and he tortures people within this strange realm the game is set it. It’s difficult to say too much about him right now. If you’ve seen the trailers then it’s pretty obvious, there’s just… something about him which is terrifying.




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