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Four Reasons to be Excited for Evil Within 2

So you’re excited for Evil Within 2 just like everyone else! No? Well there is only one explanation for that. You haven’t played it’s brilliant predecessor. If that’s the case you should hit up the Steam store right away and get going on that first chapter. Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Prepare to Scream

If you get one thing out of this game I hope it is a thrill or two. With every new chapter comes new enemies and environments that all provide a refreshing sense of fear. From invisible mutants that can only be detected in water to chainsaw wielding murderers (in the least cliche way possible) that bound towards you at a frightening pace. Trust me if you go through this game without tensing up at least once in each chapter you aren’t meant to play horror games.



2. The Thrill of Ambiguity

Want to know what the plot is at the beginning of a game? Do you enjoy knowing how your protagonist will triumph in the coming hours before even picking up a controller? This may not be the game for you. On the other hand, if you like picking up pieces of the puzzle as you fight through hordes of mutants and tortured souls then welcome home! This game does not explain much, even the safe haven of the game is a mysterious insane asylum that only allows you to level up through electroconvulsive therapy. It is a game full of surprises and an impressive array of them as well.



One of my first loves in the video game world was Resident Evil 4. It was a game of class and refinement that brought joy(and terror) to a young lads heart. A price had to be paid though and that price was spine tingling action that brings you to the edge of your seat. The similarities of these two games are a blessing to a fan of the Resident Evil franchise that is exhausted with their current output. You’ll find the combat very similar but with a more stealthy approach and even more satisfying weaponry. Craftable ammo for your Agony Crossbow adds a beautiful touch to your already exciting arsenal in the early chapters.


4. A Badass Antagonist

The lights dim, you try and focus on what’s ahead but you can’t make out the figure at the end of the endless hallway. A figure seems to be moving closer but not with each step, with each blink of an eye. Before you know it he stands before you, you try as hard as possible to move away but as you move the ground seems to shift under you. He stares deep into your eyes. No, past your eyes and straight into your soul to find your deepest darkest fears, manifesting them around you. There is no escape, you have no alternative options. The madness is your home now… That’s the best way I can explain the antagonist who goes by the name Ruvik. If you need to know more about how he tortures and manipulates his victims you’ll have to find out for yourself in game.


All of this makes up one of my most anticipated games of this fall season. It is, after all, one of the greatest times to be playing video games friends, so why not enjoy it with a little sprinkle of fright. You can find Evil Within on Steam and Evil Within 2 releases tomorrow October 13th and yes that happens to be a Friday.


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