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Kickstarter game of the week: Hell Let Loose

We’re starting a brand new series! We’ll be highlighting the best and brightest games on Kickstarter from new and old developers. Today’s game is “Hello Let Loose”, a realistic multiplayer World War Two FPS game.

Hell Let Loose is built in the Unreal Engine for Windows PC’s and will be sold through Steam once the game is finished next year. According to the Kickstarter campaign “this is a simulation of war…. not an arcade arena shooter”.

This realistic multiplayer game has matches open up to 100 people. There are infantry, tanks, artillery and a shifting front line that’s always moving. However, it’s a resource-based game also which adds a new level of strategy to the gameplay. Players will need to work together or make sure everyone has enough supplies. Some players will even need to act as a driver to move supply crates and Engineers can mine the roads to place machine gun nests or layers od sandbags for a Pak 40 anti-tank gun.

There are many different combat roles in the game for players to select from and each one has a unique role that gives them different abilities. As a result, every class will feel different and there will be plenty for players to explore.

As this is a WWII game, there will be some Nazi imagery and the team doesn’t intend to censor the game except for countries where they legally have to. The team also intends to capture the “horror of war” with plenty of gore from dismemberment and bullet hits. As expected, the team will be working on anti0cheat systems to ensure that the fighting is fair in the game.

Hell Let Loose has now reached its Kickstarter goals however, there are still 24 days left for the campaign so it will most likely reach a couple of its stretch goals. If you’re interested in this title then you can check out the campaign here.


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