Behind the Door Review – Lacks passion

A “deep horror experience” that doesn’t rely on screamers!! Oh Boy!!…oh wait…they lied…

Developer: Dio Alias Games
Publisher: Dio Alias Games
Release Date: August 16th, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows and Mac OS)
Reviewed On: PC (Windows)


Behind the Door is a tale about a sceptical detective investigating an abandoned house where a group of teenagers were killed. It’s not very clear why this guy is so sceptical of well… everything. Does he think the teenagers weren’t murdered or maybe he thinks the house isn’t adandoned? Who knows, this isn’t explained. I can tell you though, it doesn’t get much better from here.

Playing this game has left me with several questions such as: Why oh why have I just spent the last half an hour choking this down?

BTD Image 2

Behind the Door is pretty much a walking-sim game. However, you also turn into a waiter at the same time somehow. For most of the game, you’ll be walking around the empty house to carry objects around and present them to different icons. These icons will also spit the objects back at you so then you’ll need to pick it back up and take it to another icon.

One section of the game requires you to enter the attic by repairing a broken ladder. So you need to find some nails, a toolbox and a broken ladder rung. After fixing it and admiring your handiwork, the player then needs to wander back around to place everything into position. This is done by navigating over the intact wooden planks which can be found all over the floor of the house. So why he doesn’t just use one of the completely intact boards I don’t know. Maybe he’s a special snowflake.


BTD Such Spook

When our hero finally makes it into the attic, he discovers a body. So of course, he treats it like an everyday occurrence and just carries on like it’s nothing of importance. It’s pretty clear then that there’s no actual story here and that our protagonist never has any character development. If anything, his personality comes purely from him being sceptical. This goes completely against what the developers have been posting about their game so… don’t believe what they’re saying at face value.

In terms of gameplay, there’s not very much to actually comment on. It’s very bland and repetitive. However, the main character is apparently some kind of reflex god. He turns incredible fast yet his movement speed otherwise is very sluggish, almost like he’s forever walking through mud. It’s possible to sprint however which is nice but there are no enemies to run away from so it’s a little confusing why this is in the game. Considering the natural walking speed, however, you’ll probably need to sprint constantly.

Visually, it’s kind of okay. There’s a rather small amount of textures in the game so things do get a little bit same-ish after a while, however and it does feel very repetitive as a result. It’s a very dark environment of course so there is a battery-driven flashlight system. There’s no need to worry about not finding batteries though as these things are everywhere in the game.


BTD image attic

Although the atmosphere was gloomy, it just felt forced. There are the occasional chills…but they’re lacking in suspense and surprise. It just feels like a very weak attempt at atmosphere seen in Outlast or Resident Evil 7. There are puzzles to complete but well, I wouldn’t even call them puzzles. They’re extremely easy and the most difficult one was finding the water source to stop a handle from being too hot to use. Apparently, the icon wasn’t actually placed for the water which is the only reason it was hard to find. The puzzles also don’t use much logic.

While the developers state that the game is focused on a creepy environment as opposed to “screamers”, this isn’t true. There’s a handful of jump scares in the game and the game literally ends on a “screamer”. The horror atmosphere in the game is very lacking overall so, the only spooky thing seems to be the jump scares. There is no real story to become immersed it and the game is literally just wandering around a house completing very easy puzzles.

When I first got this game, it was very cheap at around £2 but I have to say… it’s not even worth that price. It’s very lazy and feels so weak that it’s obvious why the developer would never charge a higher price for this game. There’s nothing special about this horror game and you’ll probably finish it in about 20 minutes. Just throw the money into the savings pile to buy a better horror game.




  • It’s cheap
  • Lots of batteries (if you can consider this a pro anyway…)


  • Story is almost non-existent despite being “story-driven”
  • Protagonist is no depth or actual character
  • Atmosphere is terrible
  • Depends on jump scares
  • Awful walking and turning mechanics
  • Weak puzzles
  • Very short


BTD Lazy Door


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