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Devil in The Pines Review

A survival-horror game that pits players against the unknown horrors within the woods…have we heard this before?

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Developer: Rebelware Games

Publisher: Rebelware Games

Release Date: September 29 2017

Platform: PC


Devil in the Pines puts players in the boots of an Appalachian man trying to save the life of his sick daughter. However, after unknowingly stepping onto cursed land, he now also finds himself in a fight to save his own.

Anyone familiar with picking up notes in Slender will be familiar with the aim of Devil in the Pines. Get into the mine…but how you ask? Obtain the key, that for some reason is lost in these eerie woods inhabited by the fog from Lost and creatures really in need of a good chiropractor.

Part of me really wanted to enjoy this game, however, the more I think about it, I’m just reminded of Slender…with added sprinkles…and bolts. Don’t get me wrong, for a fledgling developer, Rebelware Games has made a great first attempt at a game here. From the get-go the atmosphere and sounds are chilling. But as time goes on it gets repetitive and feels just like all the other survival horrors.

For example, the weeping workers you find in the forest initially freaked the hell out of me…the fourth time though, not so much.


Also after a while I had amassed enough matches to create fires to keep the fog demon at bay, enabling me to waltz across the map to find the key. The first couple of times this happened…yes, I had to find new trousers to wear, but after a while it just became more and more repetitive to choose between shooting it or putting down a fire.


There is one massive redeeming factor for this game though, and that is the ambiance that the developers have set up. For all the repetitive encounters, I’m almost certain that each time I played, I heard new sounds. From growls, to people weeping and just…well general creepy vibes. Although it may not be the highest tier of graphics, the atmosphere these developers have created has to be commended. The only issue I have is the mass of items littered around, glowing for the player to find. It kind of took away from the darkness to see these beacons telling you, oh look…health or matches over here! It broke the illusion of the forest for me, especially if you turn off the torch and are greeted with a Christmas display.


In conclusion, for a first game Rebelware Games have done okay. They’ve created a nifty little survival horror, that’s inexpensive (€3.99 at the time of writing). So, if you’ve got a horror itch all ready for Halloween, it’s something to think about…are some good scares worth the money for about 2-3 hours of entertainment?

There’s definitely room to work with here. I may be too over critical of the developer’s first game, but we’ve all seen games like this before…then again, the ending is anarchy, that induced more frustration than enjoyment, with unavoidable deaths. The company has created a good environment for horror, however, the execution just feels like Slender with added hand-bow and matches.



Settles the horror thirst for a brief period

Great sounds and environment (room to work with)


Gets repetitive quite quickly

Gameplay adds very few new ideas

Loses immersion quickly




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