Devil in The Pines Review – Nice horror atmosphere

A survival-horror game that pits players against the unknown horrors within the woods…have we heard this before?

Developer: Rebelware Games
Publisher: Rebelware Games
Release Date: September 29th, 2017
Platform: PC (Windows)
Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Devil in the Pines puts players in the boots of an Appalachian man trying to save the life of his sick daughter. However, after unknowingly stepping onto cursed land, he now also finds himself in a fight to save his own.

It feels familiar yet also fresh somehow thanks to a few things that make it stand out from the Slender games, a series it could easily be compared to. The aim of the game is to get into the mine by obtaining the key which is lost in a very eerie woods. Apparently, the woods are inhabited by the fog from Lost and a bunch of strange creatures that need to see a chiropractor.

The game does have a great atmosphere and the audio can be chilling at times yet, it does get a little bit repetitive. As a result, it just feels like another survival horror game in the already saturated market. It’s almost kind of sad considering Devil in the Pines does have a great start to it but it just isn’t able to keep this trend throughout.

For example, the weeping workers are very creepy and brilliant at first. Sadly though, it just becomes a little repetitive as you do get used to them being there.



Fire is used to keep that fog demon-thing away so it doesn’t kill you. It’s a strange and terrifying creature for the first few attempts at the game. However, the game is filled with matches which can be found all over the place. As a result, you can keep making fires to keep it at bay which then enables you to waltz across the map in search of the key without it being a threat. Plus it does get a little repetitive and becomes more annoying than scary.

That being said, there are other enemies to watch out for and deal with thin the game. So there is still some variety in terms of the monsters that are hunting you through the woods. Thankfully, you’re also armed so you can fight back.

So the monsters might become a little weak overtime but the ambience never fades. The dark and foreboding atmosphere makes every sound feel new and sparks a wave of new terror that some new creature is hunting you. It also has a constantly creepy vibe that keeps you on edge as you slowly explore the woods. Something which is amazing in horror games yet it feels like most games are lacking in this area. Thankfully, Devil in the Pines is not one of these games.

The graphics may not look amazing but the atmosphere makes up for this. There is a small issue however, there are different items littered around the woods for the player to find. They glow. It kinda takes away from the immersion and makes it very easy to find items. Especially because all you need to do is turn off the torch and you’ll be greeted by a Christmas display.



They’ve created a nifty little survival horror with a great atmosphere. So, if you’ve got a horror itch all ready for Halloween, it’s something to think about…there are some good scares worth the money for about 2-3 hours of entertainment.

There’s definitely room to work with here but this doesn’t mean the game is bad. If anything, the developer has a chance to keep improving their game and show just how much they care for it.



  • Amazing atmosphere
  • Great audio
  • Nice enemy ideas



  • Does get repetitive
  • The Christmas decorations ruin immersion
  • Becomes easy to keep the fog demon away




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