10 Games you might have missed in September 2017

This has been a pretty nice month for Triple-A releases but compared to October, it’s actually been fairly quiet. If you’re planning to grab a few major titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins this month then you might want to skip our hidden gems highlights list for last month. Otherwise, you might end up splurging even more and your poor wallet really will shrivel up and die.

Little Kite

While this little game might have avoided your radar first time, we here at Lunawolf Gaming believe it’s worth taking a look at. Sure, there’s a lot wrong with the game such as its short length and awkward English but it tells a story that all of us should be aware of. As a result, it’s a game worth checking out but it might not be worth the full price so add it to your wishlist for a sale instead.

Check out our review of it here.



This sweet little indie game released fairly quietly last month. Despite the fact it’s the next title from the developers behind the Torchlight series. This puzzle platformer is filled with action and adventure as players are sent on a wordless narrative to explore the world. It’s set in an open world filled with things to explore and monsters to kill. What more could we ask for?


Home Sweet Home

If you’re looking for a good horror game to play this Halloween then look no further. Home Sweet Home is a horror game based on Thai myths and beliefs where different spirits are hunting the player down. The focus of the game is placed on the story which is nice to see in a horror game but stealth is also important. As a bonus, there’s also a few puzzles to complete which add some nice variation to the game.


Killer Instinct

This isn’t really a new game but the reboot of the Killer Instinct series has finally been released on Steam. A Windows 10 version was released in March for the Windows Store but Steam users were left hanging without a version to play. Well it’s finally here and fighting game fans can rejoice at the fact there’s another fighting game to play on Steam.


Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic

The RCT series is back! Kind of. Franchise creator Chris Sawyer and remastered the first game and combined it with the best features from RCT and RCT 2 to create the perfect blend. Create amazing parks, design roller coasters and become a tycoon all over again with this new addition to the well-loved series. It was quietly released last month for PC so be sure to pick up a copy and show the series some love!


Tokyo Dark

This psychological horror game is also a point and click adventure where you play as a detective who is looking for her lost partner. However, it’s worth pointing out that the game does make references to paedophilia and sexual abuse so some readers may want to tread carefully with this game. It’s a nice game with several endings and a New Game+ mode however, it can get a little repetitive.

Check out our full review of Toyko Dark here.


Choice of the Cat

We don’t usually include the text-based adventure games from Choice of Games despite the fact that many of them are very good games. This one, however, is worth mentioning. It lets you become a cat. The game is literally a cat simulation text-adventure where you can knock things over and take naps like a normal cat. It’s probably their most hilarious adventure yet and we think it’s worth playing just because you get to be a cat. Meow.


The Coma: Recut

Take control of Youngho, a Korean high school student. This isn’t some high school simulation game, however. There’s a psychotic killer roaming the corridors of the school. Run, hide and attempt to survive in the remake of this classic Korean horror game. It’s a pretty nice remake of the game so anyone who played the original should be able to enjoy this one as well.


Mr. Dubstep

This might just look like a cheapo game on Steam and it kind of is, but this game actually has quite a bit going for it. Such as fun gameplay and a great soundtrack. It’s a platformer where the aim is to avoid the different obstacles as you progress through the levels. For the price, it’s a very nice little game.



Don’t get us wrong, this game isn’t perfect. However, it’s a great action game with RPG and simulation elements while still being pretty casual to play. At the heart, it’s a scrolling shooter where you can upgrade and enhance your ship to defeat enemies. As a great bonus, this game can be played alone or co-op with up to four players.


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