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Pokken Tournament DX Review

Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Platform Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon’s first game for the Nintendo Switch made it’s debut on September 22, 2017. I got my hands on it having owned the Wii U version where it was originally released. At the time of its release it was already late in the underwhelming consoles lifespan and failed to gather a lot of attention. However, this time around Pokken Tournament DX builds off of, in my opinion, Nintendo’s biggest year ever. Having a perfect release date was essential and Nintendo nailed it.

The Deluxe

What makes this beautiful game Deluxe is what they have done for the Nintendo Switch in terms of playing. The ability to take the game to anywhere you want and battle friends wirelessly really sells it, and I must mention the graphics while in handheld are stellar. On the big screen, you now have the ability to play split screen which is great for couch play with friends. In tabletop, you can pass off a Joycon to a friends and battle it out. I did this while waiting for food at a restaurant this past weekend and had about four people come by and watch.  The controls were easy to use and fun even on the little Joycon without the bumpers.
Split Screen

Added Modes

In addition to the diversity of play styles, Pokken Tourney DX adds new modes to the game. The daily challenge adds a fun factor to the game that allows you to experiment with different fighters in a gauntlet type mode. You will be rewarded with skill points for you partner Pokemon and the one that you use in the challenge.  This isn’t too much of a reward but it does make the game slightly more dynamic. The biggest and coolest change, however, is the addition of “Team Battle”. This mode resembles an actual Pokemon Trainer battle in which you choose three Pokemon, the other trainer can’t see, and have them fight three of the opponents chosen ‘Mons.  The health of your Pokemon stays the same after you defeat a foe.  Last Pokemon standing wins.

New Pokemon!

Five new Pokemon have been added to the roster, expanding it to a total of 21 characters to choose from.  Darkrai, Croagunk, Empoleon, Scizor, and Decidueye from Gen 6 all make their debut. Two new little support heroes, Litten & Popplio are added in as well.  Bandai Namco really did the new guys justice with their abilities, movesets and combo’s. Boy, did I have fun when experimenting with all of the new characters especially Scizor who has always found a spot on my team in the main series games. I chose him as my partner Pokemon and really love what they did with the little buddy.  Each ‘Mon has their own fighting style raging from Technical, Power, Speed and all around. The game also comes with a fresh new arena with Gen 6 ‘Mons!  The added characters adds more balance to competitive and a more pleasurable experience.

The League

Pokken Tournament take place in the Ferrum League and has the same story as its port. You battle through different ranks in attempt to be the champion of the League, along the way Shadow Mewtwo and a mysterious trainer interrupt your quest as you uncover the nature behind him.  This mode is fun however it does get repetitive if you keep using the same partner.  It seems like an endless wave of trainers that get a little more difficult as you progress.

In Conclusion

Pokken Tournament DX is a very clean and polished game with stunning visuals and very robust game mechanics, especially on the Pokemon.  The additions to 3v3 Pokemon battles, a very well done online experience, fresh Pokemon and a new arena make this game one to add to your collection.  The redundant feel of the campaign can leave fans eager for more but still a very fun game.  We, at LunaWolf Gaming, highly recommend this if you love competitive fighting games that offer a diverse character selection and play style.  I give Pokken Tournament DX a 8.2/10


  • Stunning visuals
  • Diverse Play Styles
  • Awesome online & Local experience


  • Redundant campaign
  • Lacks content

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