Little Kite Review – A tale of a broken family

It’s quite a ‘dark’ story and is filled with potential triggers for those who have suffered through domestic violence. As a result, I suggest you tread with caution with this game.

Developer: Anate Studio
Publisher: Anate Studio
Release Date: 14th September, 2017
Platforms: PC
Platform Reviewed on: PC


Little Kite tells a difficult story but one that had to be told. It follows Mary and her son Andrew who are now living with their stepdad Oliver. Sadly, Oliver has become a drunken abusive mess. As a result, domestic violence becomes commonplace in their household and Mary is complacent in it all to keep things ‘safe’ for her son. Naturally, things take a darker turn and Mary is soon forced to make a bold and difficult decision for the sake of her son.

The entire game isn’t completely dark, however. There are ‘lighter’ moments told through the eyes of Andrew, the young son, where the game has a more surreal environment. It certainly helps to break up the darkness that surrounds Mary. Andrew is a little light through the darkness in this case.

As a point and click game, all of the action comes from walking around and interacting with objects. However, there are a few puzzles in the game that need to be completed to progress further. These puzzles are a nice way to add more interactivity to the game but fall a little bit short in the sense that they can be quite easy. Despite this, there are a few which are a bit more difficult and require some thought.

It’s clear that the developer’s native language is not English. This is clearly demonstrated in the writing with things such as: “Wow! This will enough just for beer and cigarettes.”. Though this may sound quite off-putting, it’s actually very clear what the developer is saying through the mouths of their characters. So, while it might be a little annoying it’s nothing major. It would be good to have a native English speaker go through the script, however, to clean it up a little bit.

This game also has an amazing art style. They’re all hand-drawn by the developer and it really shows the care and commitment they’ve put into the development of the game. There’s no possible way to fault the graphics as a result. The animations, however, are a little bit clunky. They do the job but they look quite awkward.

Little Kite is a fairly short game which takes around 2-3 hours to complete but it’s certainly an experience worth having.



  • Interesting plot and nice story
  • Puzzles add a good level of interaction
  • Great hand-drawn graphics


  • Relatively short
  • The English is flawed
  • Puzzles aren’t too difficult




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