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Monster Hunter: World Release Date Announced

Capcom has revealed Monster Hunter: World’s PS4 and Xbox One release date. The open-world game will launch worldwide on January 26, 2018. PC at a later unannounced date however. A new trailer for Monster Hunter: World also debuted today during Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2017 press conference alongside a collector’s edition that includes a special art box, a copy of the game’s soundtrack, and a physical action figure of a new monster called Nergigante.

In addition, Capcom and Sony revealed a special Liolaeus Edition PS4 Pro, decorated with some gorgeous Monster Hunter: World art and looks majestic. Kind of gives me a Game of Thrones, Targaryen vibe. That PS4 model launches in Japan on December 7, though it has not yet been confirmed for a worldwide release.

Monster Hunter Special PS4

Check out the latest trailer below:

Super exciting for the franchise and we can’t wait to dive in. Stayed tuned for more info about this and other new exciting games here at Lunawolf Gaming.


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