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The Last Night – Demo Preview

I like to hear the robots die. :3 Time to look at this upcoming game from E3 2017 which was surrounded by controversy.

Okay, so apparently this game was at E3 2017. I confess that I am guilty of not watching E3 this year. Anyhow, as the game credits proudly proclaim, The Last Night was originally devised for CyberJam 2014 and has been in development as a full title in the years since. Being devised for a ‘game jam’, it is of course in a pixel art style.

The demo begins by ripping off the opening scene from Final Fantasy VII where the player character rides in on a futuristic train. You are then assigned a target – you are, evidently, a hitman in some manner of cybergrit world. I would say it’s a dystopia but this music is too good for a dystopia. I admit I started dancing to it though I also liked it less once the vocals came in, preferring the pure instrumental track. Anyway, you find your target a few screens down, he gets a bullet or three and we end on a smoke break.


The demo lasted maybe thirty seconds but I love everything about this. The art is pixelated but somehow still gritty. The tunes are impossible not to dance to when they kick in. The art is a feast, simultaneously dark and bright as the blacks and dark blues/greens of the buildings are contrasted with neon fixtures.


My immediate impression was that this must take place in the same universe as Blade Runner but as I progressed, I got a distinct Samurai Jack vibe from the surroundings. High-tech everything but it all seems seedy, weird citizenry just standing around making you uncomfortable, robo-drones whose entire job is to shoot you, android club bouncers who apparently hate my shoes. It’s like the 80s but in a dirty future but also still somehow the 80s. So…Actually, yeah, it’s just the 80s.


Controls are simple: Left, right, space to pull/holster your gun, T to shoot. There were only enemies to interact with here in the demo. Combat is simple but very satisfying with loud, clear shots and the delightful sound of dying digital consciousness. I’d still like the full game to involve some allies or activities beyond that but if not, this was still a great sci-fi detour. Hopefully the full form of it will be just as good or better.



  •  Cybergrit aesthetic
  • Jammin’ music
  • Satisfying gun violence 😀
  • Did I mention that it’s like the ’80s?


  • You can’t walk while your gun is out.
  • The demo is only playable on a tiny in-browser screen, no fullscreen option.
  • The game over screen (‘This was your The Last Night’) is grammatically inaccurate.

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