Getting the right Accessories: Nintendo Switch

With the release of Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids has come a new wave of Nintendo Switch owners who just bought the console, myself included. Many of us have been left wondering what we should get to customize our brand new console and what we can get to keep it safe. Well, worry no longer here’s everything you need to know and the best accessories for the console.

Screen Protector: Plastic or Glass?

The touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch is plastic. This stops it from cracking however, it doesn’t protect against scratches. As a result, you’ll want to get a glass screen protector since these protect against scratches and damage. A plastic screen protector will keep your screen safe from dust and hair but it doesn’t offer nearly as much protection.

So you should aim to get a glass screen protector instead. The official Switch hard cases come with a plastic protector so you’ll want to bin it and grab a glass one instead. Or use it as a temporary protector while the better one arrives.



If you’re looking to purchase a case you’ll probably want a hard one as opposed to a soft one. A hard travel case will ensure your Switch stays safe while you’re traveling around with it in your bag. A soft case is more for home use and isn’t really designed with transportation in mind. So do remember this when looking to purchase a case for the Switch.

You don’t need to purchase an official Nintendo case and there are plenty of third-party cases available for purchase. Many of these cases offer things that the official cases do not. Such as room for the accessories that come with the Switch. By this, I mean the charger and an extra pair of Joy-Cons. In addition to this, many third party cases come with more cartridge holder slots which is perfect for people who plan to purchase a lot of physical games to save space on their Switch.

Personally, this is the case I’m looking at getting: Younik Upgrade version

My reason for this is that I’m going on holiday soon and plan to take the Switch with me. So I need some space for the charger and I’d like to only need to purchase one case. Being said, I’d still like to get the official Splatoon 2 case for use while traveling around my own country.


Covers & Skins

It’s important to remember that some covers and skins can actually scratch or damage the Switch. So you may want to avoid purchasing one or at least wait until the manufacturers get a little bit better at this. That doesn’t mean that all manufacturers are bad however, it’s just worth remembering that there is the potential they could end up damaging the Switch.

Luckily, there are some officially licensed products which includes a thumb grip. You can find them here on but they’re available on other Amazon regions also. They only come in a single colour however so you may want to look at different options if you’ve got the Neon version of the Switch. In that case you may want to look at something such as this which is on the Amazon UK website.

It’s also possible to get a dock sleeve. Which is a cover that goes over the front of the Nintendo Switch dock. If you decided to get one of these, make sure it’s made from microfiber/microSuede to ensure it doesn’t scratch or damage the screen. Something like this would be a good idea.



Let’s face it, the Joy-Cons are a little bit awkward to play games like Mario Kart with. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this as Surge has created a special Joy-Con controller-style grip set. In addition to this, there’s a special gel guard case from Mothca which is anti-slip and comes with some thumb grips too. If you want a Joy-Con grip with a ridged anti-slip back then check out these skins from KJH.


Is there anything we missed from this guide? Just let us know and we’ll add it in!


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