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Games That Make Players Think About The Future

We can only imagine, through video games and movies, what the future will be, what with the emergence of new and improving technology. It is interesting to see people’s take on the future and science fiction. So here, is a list of a few games that makes us think of the future, humanity and technology.


This makes the list for a variety of reasons. With the combination of societal and technological advances, Bioshock makes players think about a “perfect” future or a dystopia. The concept of creating and sustaining a city not only underwater but also in the clouds is extraordinary. Body modification, super advanced weaponry, beautiful art-deco style and architecture, exciting gameplay, and the appearance “Little Sisters” creates an interesting old futuristic game.


Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is another dystopian game that places the players in an “utopian” society where “…information is heavily monitored…” and the main character, Faith must find the truth about a crime that her sister is accused of committing. The very idea of information and people being monitored is a frightening one at best and one that makes this an interesting game. Released in 2009, Mirror’s Edge is a first-person dystopian action game that is available on both PC (through steam) and consoles.


Remember Me

Remember Me takes the players through a new futuristic Paris (2084 to be exact) where “…personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded…” like commodities. Players gets an inside look at Nilin, the main character of the game as well as a memory hunter who’s wanted by the authorities, must find her memories and identity before it’s too late. With interesting storyline, graphics and gameplay, Remember Me is worth checking out. Published in 2013, Remember Me is still available on both PC and consoles.


Mass Effect

This is one of my all-time favorite games and one that I’ve enjoyed playing. Mass Effect shows a different future of humanity, one of progression of technology and space exploration. Mass Effect makes players experience the game through the eyes of Commander Sheppard, the leader of a team of elite soldiers, all ranging from different alien species, coming together to fight a true and terrifying evil bent on destroying everything in its path. Mass Effect’s beautiful galactic imagery, interesting and innovative technology and weaponry, and the feature of a variety of interesting alien species, makes this game worth checking out as well as the storyline and gameplay.


What other games do you feel makes you think of the future? Have you played the games listed above?


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