10 Games you might have missed in August

Now this has been one hell of a month for Triple A releases. Uncharted, Life is Strange and Mario + Rabbids all in one month. You might think it’s time for a breather and your wallet is finally safe but sadly, there’s plenty of amazing games that quietly released this month. As a result, you probably missed them. Well it’s time to check out 10 of these awesome games.

Miner Meltdown

This is a 2D team-based competitive multiplayer game where players fight in 4v4 combat. Players need to search for minerals, upgrade their gear and blow up the other team while also avoiding monsters and all kinds of traps. Matches are never the same in this game thanks to the randomly generated maps which mean players are always fighting on a brand new map. It’s chaotic, it’s fun and we wrote a review on it here.



This is a simulation-management game where players take control of their own Starbase with the aim of growing it into a profitable station. This could be by trading resources or through tourism. While this game does have a few problems such as lack of endgame content, it does offer some quite strategic gameplay for a few hours. You can find our review of StellarHub here and we think the game is worth trying for all management fans.


The Rodinia Project

This beautiful first person puzzle game with gameplay inspired by games such as Portal, The Witness and The Talos Principle. It’s a nice experience however, the puzzles are rather straight forwards and might be considered ‘too easy’ for puzzle fanatics. But if you’re looking for a casual and straightforwards experience then you can’t get much better from the list of releases from August.

Our review of The Rodinia Project can be found here.



As far as side-scroller adventure games come, Firewood doesn’t really add anything to the genre. Instead, it takes players on an interesting adventure which ironically doesn’t feature many woods. It’s a disorientating game which has been well-crafted by the developers so expect an interesting experience with a horror feel. Our review of Firewood can be found here.


Offensive Combat: Redux

The reviews for this game have been quite mixed but OC:R offers fast-paced combat with hilarious characters. It might not be a big game like Quake Champions but this FPS offers a very different experience while feeling similar to other games in the genre. It’s certainly worth checking out at any rate. We should have a review of this game coming in the future.


Comedy Night

Ever wanted to be a stand-up comedian? Well with Comedy Night you can! The game lets you test real material through your microphone to a live audience of real players. Naturally, the audience will laugh, be neutral to jokes and may even boo you if they don’t like the joke. All reactions come from real players through their own microphones so don’t expect them to be too kind if they think a joke is lame.


Resident Evil Revelations HD

Resident Evil Revelations HD quietly released onto Xbox One and PS4 last month. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a nice upgrade and fans of the Resident Evil series should be able to appreciate the enhancements to the game. Anyone new to the series should also be able to enjoy this one.


Yakuza Kiwami

This game was originally released in 2005 and in 2016, a remake was released in Japan. The remake has finally been released worldwide this month and everyone can now play this incredible game. As long as you have a PS4 that is since the game is a Sony exclusive.


White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

White Day was first released in 2001 and the Korean horror game was a hit. The remake was first released for mobile devices in 2015 and while this isn’t usually a good sign for a game, this survival horror game has been well-received by gamers and critics. It’s now available on PC and PS4, horror fans won’t want to miss this game.


Death Point

This game is a classic stealth-action title with an episodic storyline. It’s quite straightforwards, only you can complete the mission and call for evac but there’s a countdown timer that could ruin everything. As a result, it’s a stressful game and is interesting enough to be worth a try.


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