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3 Skyrim mods to enhance the Thieves Guild

Gotta love Skyrim mods on PC, they really enhance the game. Let’s take a look at the Thieves Guild today.

While the Dark Brotherhood is my top faction in Skyrim, the Thieves Guild also holds a special place in my heart. So today we’ll be taking a look at a few of my favourite mods which enhance the quest line. To increase the immersion and just make it better overall.


Thieves Guild Requirements

Ever get annoyed by Brynjolf for judging you as a thief? Even if you want to join the thieves guild it’s annoying, you’re just a novice thief afterall and not someone worthy of the guild just yet. Sulk no more young Dragonborns for there’s a mod which can fix this.

The Thieves Guild Requirements mod makes Brynjolf a much better judge of character. He won’t consider you for the Thieves Guild unless you’ve been a bit naughty already and skilled up a few times in the appropriate trees. You need to steal items, pick pockets and level up the sneak skill to be considered for the guild. This is also the perfect mod for people who don’t want to join the Thieves Guild or have the questline activate as soon as they enter Riften. Regardless of what type of character you want to play, this is the mod for you.

You can download if here from Nexus Mods.


Localized Thieves Guild Jobs

Wish you could select where to go on missions for Vex and Delvin? Well now you can!

This mod allows you to select which hold you want to target for the mission without changing the randomization or the rules of the mission. You can now even take missions in the other cities such as Dawnstar, Falkreath and Morthal. Places you previously couldn’t target through the Thieves Guild missions. In addition to this it also adds time-based missions to the game. Which are perfect for players who like a little bit of stress with their thieving.

Localized Thieves Guild Jobs is available on the Nexus here.


Shortcuts – Secret Entrances For All Cities Plus Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild was once a large and prosperous organisation. Would they not have entrances all over the province for their members to slip through? Of course! But sadly in vailla Skyrim this doesn’t exist. Thankfully, mods are a thing.

Shortcuts is a simple mod that adds secret entrances to all major cities in Skyrim. This means you’ll always have an exit in these cities when there are guards hot on your tail for stealing that sweetroll from the local inn. The mod adds 8 new passages to the game however, not all towns receive one in this mod so keep that in mind when looting from the living. Despite this, it’s still a useful mod that adds some realism to the Thieves Guild.

Check out this mod on the Nexus here.


What’s your favourite Thieves Guild mod? Let us know!



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