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Miner Meltdown Review – “fun, unique experience”

Miner Meltdown is a fun, unique experience that players will enjoy.

Developer: Mighty Pebble Games Inc
Publisher: Mighty Pebble Games Inc
Release date: 2nd August, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform reviewed on: PC, code received from developer


Miner Meltdown is a 2D multiplayer competitive game with randomized maps, 20 unique weapons to choose from and plenty of items to collect. It’s a simple concept; protect and take your gold by all means necessary. “Players must scour the map for minerals, upgrade their gear, and attempt to blow up the opposing team all while avoiding monsters, traps, and environmental pitfalls along the way.”

There are many kinds of miners, i.e. ninja miners, old miners, puberty miners, and more for players to select from. It’s also possible to customize the miners to create a unique looking character.h.

MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_31_35 PM

Aside from the single player tutorial, Miner Meltdown is exclusively multiplayer. It works though peer-to-peer connection where players can host and join games through the main menu. In addition to this, there’s also a PvE option with bots which is perfect for practicing and those still getting used to the controls. Playing the tutorial first is extremely important to understand the controls. The controls are a little bit strange but players will quickly get used to them.

WASD is the classic moving keys so there’s no problem there but the left and right mouse buttons keys could cause some trouble. They’re used to shoot enemies and also use ropes or gadgets at the same time.


MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_34_38 PM_LI

Each match is adjustable to the players own desire. You can adjust bots mode from easy to hard for a more customizable experience. Locations can vary as well with various different maps to play on such as Ice Caverns or the Caves. Players will also be pleased to hear that there are several types of gamemodes available to select from however, this does make the player pool even smaller.

There are about three games to choose from; Deathmatch, Crazy King, and Diamond Dash. Death Match lets the players score as many points as possible killing enemies both mutants and other miners. In Diamond Dash, players must collect diamonds by all means. Kill mutants, kill miners, and drop off the diamonds in order to score points. And finally Crazy Kings, which is pictured below, forces the players to stay in the king zone or a large white area highlighted, in order to score points. But be on the look out, enemy miners need to reach the spot as well. The spot moves so you will have to find it again. Players with the most points wins.


MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_40_24 PM_LI

Players will start off with five hearts when the match begins. You can rejuvenate your health by waiting for a little while. If you are killed, you are revived at the entrance of the map. Throughout the match you can find chests to open and a sketchy looking merchant who sells items such as jetpacks and assault rifles. You start off with $25 but earning more is easy. You just need to collect the gold.

The game is split into two teams: Red and Blue. Each map has a certain amount of time to complete the match which prevents them from going on forever. Once the time is up, the winner is announced. The winning team gains more XP which allows players to level up and unlock new items. As a bonus, there’s also a daily bonus system in the game.


MinerMeltdown 8_14_2017 1_00_28 PM_LI (2)

The tab button is for your inventory which houses gadgets, primary and secondary weapons and items. You can buy up a lot of weapons but only equip one at a time using the 1 – 4 numbers on the keyboard. Players can buy any available weapon or item from the shop. I want to point out that the more you level up the more you unlock other weapons.

Miner Meltdown is a fun, unique experience that players will enjoy. This game is replayable with customizable matches and random maps. Remember to do the thrust dance! Press F for that. Be aware that there may not be a lot of servers at the moment.



  • Interesting concept
  • Adjustable matches
  • Fun gamemodes


  • The music
  • Low playerbase and lack of servers
  • Awkward controls



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