Miner Meltdown Review – Do the thrust dance!

Miner Meltdown is a fun, unique experience that fans of multiplayer action games will enjoy.

Developer: Mighty Pebble Games Inc
Publisher: Mighty Pebble Games Inc
Release date: 2nd August, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Miner Meltdown is a 2D multiplayer competitive game with a nice amount to offer players despite its limited popularity. This game is designed around multiplayer with both PvP matches and also a PvE option.

The game uses a peer-to-peer connection where players can host and join games through the main menu. As a great bonus, there’s a little tutorial to help introduce new players to the game which is always great to see. However, it might take some time to get used to the controls of the game if you’re not used to this type of control. It uses WASD as the classic moving keys while the left and right mouse buttons are for shooting and using gadgets respectively.


MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_31_35 PM

With randomized maps, every battleground feels unique which results in fresh matches. While each map feels different, the game has a simple concept. You must protect your gold by any means necessary in each gamemode however, there are a few different variations of this. Maps are filled with different minerals which are needed to upgrade gear and defeat the opposing team. There are 20 weapons to select from when starting the game which each give a slightly different type of playstyle.

There are also different types of miners to select from which do change how you need to approach playing the game. As a bonus, it’s possible to customise your character slightly so they do look a little more unique. Which is very useful for keeping an eye on your character when there’s a lot of action on screen.

While you have a large inventory, it’s only possible to equip 4 different items at once. This includes a primary weapon, secondary weapon, gadgets and items. While weapon unlocks are tied to level progression, you can purchase almost anything from the shop as long as you have enough cash for it.


MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_34_38 PM_LI

The playerbase for this game is very small right now but despite this, the PvE segment ensures that you will always be able to play the game. Having different gamemodes does mean that the player pool is split between these different modes which can make playing PvP even more frustrating at times. It’s certainly a negative factor for this game.

When a match starts, players begin with five hearts which can rejuvenate over time. It#s still possible to be killed of course. There isn’t perma-death though and you will respawn at the entrance of the map. During the match, there’s a sketchy looking merchant to purchase items from and it’s easy enough to earn some cash. The game starts you with $25 but you just need to collect gold to earn more.

Unsurprisingly, the game is split into two teams: Red and Blue. Pretty much standard for a PvP game meanwhile, matches do run on a timer which prevents them from being endless. When the timer runs out, the winner is announced and that team will gain a large amount of XP. Collecting XP is important as it allows you to level up and unlock new items to take into matches.


When playing a PvE match, there’s a nice range of settings to adjust. The bots have different difficulty settings and there’s some other options as well.


MinerMeltdown 8_14_2017 1_00_28 PM_LI (2)

Miner Meltdown is a very nice PvP game. It’s slightly different to what most games offer yet it still feels familiar enough to make it easy to pick up and play. There’s a great replay value with the randomized maps which keeps the game fresh so you’ll be playing the game for a few weeks at least.


  • Interesting concept
  • Adjustable matches
  • Randomized maps
  • Variety of gamemodes


  • The music
  • Low playerbase
  • No dedicated servers


MinerMeltdown 8_16_2017 8_40_24 PM_LI


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