The Low Road Review – 1970’s Spy cliché or something more?

The Low Road is a humorous, intelligent adventure game with a great cast of characters and a compelling narrative to boot.

Developer: XGen Studios
Publisher:XGen Studios
Release Date: July 26th, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows and Mac OS)
Reviews on: PC


The Low Road is an adventure-puzzle game that puts players in control of the newly recruited agent, Noomi Kovacks. She is being sent to a mysterious island to retrieve two fellow agents who have vanished. While this is a spy game, it doesn’t really follow the classic 007 spy cliché for the most part but there are a few things that are well… a bit cliché.

In the world of The Long Road, most reconnaissance work is done over the phone and is desk based. However, there are two agents who go into the field: Agent Horace and Agent Cartwright. When these agents go missing, the new fish is given the task of tracking them down and discovering the truth. A slightly dd job for a newbie but we’ll go with it.


The low road

While the two main characters, being Noomi and senior spy Turn, are very interesting the rest of the case is a little bit bland. Some side characters are even annoying at times and just repeat one line sentences. Plus there’s no real connection to the missing agents so I didn’t feel any kind of urgency to find them. It was just a little bit dull overall. The story is interesting enough but the weaker side characters does bring it down a little at times.

The Low Road does have some nice puzzles in the mix which is very important for a puzzle-heavy adventure game. One of my favourite puzzles is the pickpocketing mission where you need to obtain a valid ID card to progress. To do this, you must pickpocket someone to steal their ID by navigating a path to it then switching it out with a fake one. There are a few other very nice puzzles in the game for players to complete. However, failing a mission (including puzzles) is permanent. There is no chance to replay it if you fail and the game will refer to your failure.



There are no objective hints in the game which isn’t an issue if you intend to complete the game in a single sitting. However, if you take long breaks from playing then you might have a lot of trouble here. The game doesn’t tell you what to do next so you do need to remember this yourself.

I did notice one strange bug which occurred after I saved and quit the game. It caused all of my equipment to be shown but the game didn’t load into my previously continued game. As a result, I was forced to start a new game.

This is a very nice game with a strong 1970’s vibe which builds a strong atmosphere for the game. Gameplay here is a little repetitive at times but the puzzles do make up for this at least and help make the game worth playing. It’s definitely worth checking out from what we’ve seen however, the developer did only give us a code so we could access the first 2 hours of the game so there may be issues later into it.




  • Interesting main characters
  • Nice timeline and setting
  • Fun puzzles


  • Gameplay gets repetitive after a while
  • Uninteresting side characters
  • A major bug is still currently in the game

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