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Nidhogg 2 Review – “good for a little bit of fun”

Nidhogg II or did you mean Super Nidhogg?

Developer: Messhof
Publisher: Messhof
Release Date: August 15th, 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4
Platform Reviewed on: PC, key was provided for review.


Prior to this review, I gave myself a refresher of Nidhogg. I have spent a lot of time in Nidhogg, for context.

Nidhogg II captures some of the feeling of its predecessor, but misses some of the key points that captured their fans. Instead about being about yomi (reading your opponent), it’s now about messing around with friends.


The first thing that captured me about this game, is the art. I thought I would not like it as much as I do, but I do. There is just something about seeing in motion and specifically, the stage select.

To see the stages themselves in motion, it is mesmerizing. The stages themselves are really pretty as well and have interesting lighting, and the backgrounds.


I don’t really care for what the characters look like, but you can customize them which is nice. Not only can you choose the color, there are hair, accessory, shirt and pants you can choose. They give a few options for this, including options for breasts if that is your thing. I just do not think the characters really fit with the backgrounds except for the wurm design.


I played through the Arcade mode, and felt like it was very easy. The AI was a lot more stupid than the first Nidhogg, you could even trick them into not running when they very easily could. The only time I died, bar a few deaths, was because I jumped in onto someone’s weapon while overestimating my jump. The last AI was obviously the hardest, but it felt like a jump in difficulty. The fight in the club still felt easy, but felt more fun because it was slightly harder. I could mash out kicks and the AI had no answer. I am not really sure if this is the version I have gotten to play, or if the game will be this easy on release.

It might be because the player character is physically bigger and more involved, it felt clunky and that I was not really in control of certain things. The in air movement feels a lot more floaty and chunky. Also, some of the new weapons are unclear what you could do with them. I have not seen the axe in use, throughout the arcade mode, even going into the local mode and dying over and over again to try to spawn with it. I also felt like that the longsword might have been too good, and unclear what you needed to do to block with it but this is also just playing against the AI. Also if I got spawned with a dagger I felt like it was a bit better to just not use a weapon at, except for against a bow and arrow. I really like how the bow and arrows are balanced. They’re a fun, and easy to use weapon, and most importantly it feels good.


When your jump onto the wurm’s tongue at the wrong spot, around the edge of the mouth, it smacks you back without warning. It just feels bad and made me think I was doing something wrong when my jump was short.

Nidhogg II is good for a little bit of fun, with people who do not own the first Nidhogg. I would still try it out with my friends, while hanging out. We absolutely would be going back to Nidhogg, if they had time in it. It’s not a bad game on its own, but not what I got from the first Nidhogg.


  • Good backgrounds and use of lighting
  • Same on ground feel of the first game
  • Variety


  • Floaty air movement
  • Mashable moves without ways to punish
  • Uncomfortable character designs

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