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Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 Review – “An epic opening”

This episode was excellent in the way it showed us this more experienced Batman and how his past struggles have helped him to realize who he is and what he’s become – a beacon for the people of Gotham.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games

Release Date: 8th August 2017
Platforms: PlaySation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS
Platform reviewed on: PC, code bought by reviewer


A fascinating thing Telltale has accomplished with their games is how they aren’t shy to switch it up and be inventive with the stories they write in terms of the source material they decide to construct new narratives from whether it’s Game Of Thrones, Borderlands, or Fables. For Batman, they weren’t afraid to change around the history of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman lore as well as certain well-known and well-loved characters in the Batman universe such as Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, and Vicki Vale, a reporter for the Gotham Gazette. For the new upcoming second season of Batman which is entitled “Batman: The Enemy Within”, fans have no idea what to expect from this new story, and what dangerous and challenging trials lie ahead for Batman and Gotham City.

The first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within entitled “The Enigma” was released on 8th August, and Telltale has once again knocked us all out of the water with an exciting and sizzling season opener focusing on one of Batman’s most eccentric foes, Edward Nigma AKA the Riddler. Batman: The Enemy Within takes place directly after the events of season 1. Bruce has resumed his position at Wayne Enterprises as he attempts to rebuild the corrupted Wayne name and regain the trust of Gotham City after the discovery of Thomas Wayne’s criminal history and Batman’s fight against season 1’s main antagonist, Lady Arkham.


Episode 1 begins with Bruce Wayne keeping a close eye on Rumi Mori, a well-respected benefactor in Gotham City who moonlights as an international arms dealer, at the Virago Casino. Before long, the casino is gate-crashed by none other than the Riddler. In this particular storyline, the Riddler is displayed as a much older character who was a criminal that disappeared from Gotham years ago and seems to have returned with solid vengeance on his mind. From there on out, with the help of Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox, Batman is tasked with solving the many dangerous puzzles and riddles thrown at him by this new green-masked enemy.


A collection of new characters are introduced this season in the form of Agent Avesta and Agent Blake, two agents that work for a group called “The Agency” who are helping Amanda Waller, Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD out with the Riddler case. The joker, or as he is known as in this Batman retelling, “John Doe”, makes an appearance in the episode, and from the choices made in the first season, the player can once again decide to be friendly or rude towards him depending on whether they feel he can be trusted. A brand new character called Tiffany is also added to the cast and is revealed to be Lucius Fox’s daughter.

As always, the writing and interactions with each character Bruce/Batman comes across are just as entertaining and intense as the ones featured in season 1 as are the quick-time events. An interesting choice you are to find this time around is the decision on working alongside Amanda Waller or not. Some other intriguing choices in the episode reside with the new character, Agent Avesta, and how the dialogue choices you make with her as Bruce depicts her viewpoint of Batman. After the events of season 1, Alfred is still coming to grips with the torture he faced at the hands of the deranged and twisted Lady Arkham. The player can decide whether to comfort him or not as well as helping him to find confidence in himself again. At the end of the episode, each choice you have made up until that point will determine how Batman’s relationship with Amanda Waller and the Agency turns out, either very well or very poorly.


Overall, episode 1 of Batman: The Enemy Within was a very exciting and thrilling episode to play through and an epic opening to the long-awaited second season. This episode gave us the chance to see a much wiser side to Bruce as he faces his next challenge as the Dark Knight and how much he’s grown as a character since saving Gotham from the penguin, Two-Face, and Lady Arkham in season 1 and how he is moving on with his life after learning the harsh truth about his father. The first season allowed us to step into the shoes of a younger and more naive Bruce Wayne who is still at the early stages of becoming Batman and how he still has much to learn before reaching that place. This episode was excellent in the way it showed us this more experienced Batman and how his past struggles have helped him to realize who he is and what he’s become – a beacon for the people of Gotham.



  • Entertaining story
  • Interesting choices
  • Great new villain and puzzles


  • No real gameplay changes


  1. My friend and I are planning on playing this together, with him playing and me commenting on how I would’ve done (probably) everything differently. Reading this makes me more excited to. Really great breakdown.

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