Contenders For Horror Game of 2017

2017 has seen a variety of interesting and unique horror games coming out making this a great year for horror fans. Sadly, there can only be one horror game that everyone will remember next year as the “horror game of 2017”.

With four months left in the year, we’ll be taking a look back at the horror hits of 2017. All of these games are good contenders to be the best horror game of 2017. Most of them are indie with a couple of AAA games sprinkled throughout.



This is an indie Taiwanese horror game set during the martial law of the 1960s. Released on January 12th, this game received positive reviews for its unique take on Taiwanese/Chinese mythology and culture, the stunning 2D graphics, and a story driven by mystery/horror elements consistent throughout the game. Detention places the players in a small remote town in the mountains playing as two high school characters who finds themselves practically alone and locked inside this dark school.


Little Nightmares

This one has raving reviews and the gameplay looks stunning as well as incorporating a unique storyline, this may be one of the top contenders for this year. Little Nightmares is a strange and dark tale about Six, the main protagonist, who wakes up in this nightmarish realm and now must escape. Little Nightmares truly promises to be “…a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears!”.


Outlast 2

The sequel to Outlast is another contender with a storyline creepier than the first game. It’s set in the same universe however it has a completely different location. This game takes players to Temple Gate, a strange religiously fanatic town deep in the woods and isolated from civilisation. Similar to the first game, it follows a journalist who performing an investigation. Outlast 2 gets pretty twisted and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.


Get Even

This is a psychological horror game that thrusts the player into the role of Black, a mercenary who awakens in an old asylum with no memories of who he was or where he is. What’s really unique about the game is the use of a technology that will help the protagonist navigate the asylum as well as his own mind. But one question remains; who is the girl strapped to the chair and why was he tasked to rescue her?



Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Let’s face it, RE7: Biohazard is one of the best horror games of the year hands down. There’s no way to argue that it’s not. This game has taken the game back to its horror roots and is manipulating the focus away from the action genre which is something that fans have been begging for. Thankfully, the developers have finally listened. Unlike most other games in the series, this one is also first person. Players are sent to a strange location and house in search of their missing wife who has mysteriously been able to get a message out to him after being missing for some time. Of course, the story takes a dark and strange turn as the Baker family come into play.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

While the first chapter of this game is free (and I highly recommend it), the second chapter requires you to purchase it to play. It’s a quirky and strange horror game that follows an interesting character as they investigate what happened to another person in this world. There’s a creepy Mickey Mouse-esque feel to the characters yet the storyline feels fresh enough to keep drawing players back in. This episodic game is slowly being released but it’s definitely worth paying attention to.


This year isn’t over yet but it has been amazing for the horror genre. Are there more horror games that you feel should have made the list? Let us know!


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