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Bloody Zombies – Release date announced for the co-op brawler

Brand new zombie action title releasing from developers nDreams has a date set in place. The co-op beat em’ up style game, Bloody Zombies, will bring casual couch co op or online play to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as VR headsets on September 12th.

Ranging up to a four player co-op session, Bloody Zombies combines VR with traditional players, either online or local play. Battling your way through a savage London wasteland as one of four of the playable characters, each equipped with easy to use moves and skills. Team up with the gang of outlaw characters and fight to win back your city from the flesh-eating walking corpses.

With play style similar to Streets of Rage or Golden Axe, you’ll continuously traverse through hordes of mindless zombies and enemies. Special skills, combos and weapons all play an important role in fulfilling the success of defeating the bloody opponents. With deep chainable combos and freeform style combat, there’s enough diversity to suit any style of gamer, casual or not.

Each player can control up to four different abilities and powers to help enhance the gameplay and fighting. Dashing, rising upper cuts and the famous one inch punch are a few various options for skills and abilities to unlock throughout the game. Along with skills, weapons like swords, sledgehammers and chain saws can be found across many different levels of Bloody Zombies, while some weapons also reveal secret areas as well. The VR player also plays an important role, having the ability to view the level with a unique diorama view, unlocking hidden secrets and useful tactical support for other players.

Fight your way through bloody mayhem and addicting action in the newest co-op brawler to hits living rooms. The E3 award winner, Bloody Zombies, hits co-op players everywhere on September 12th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and VR consoles for £10.99/€13.49/$14.99.


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