Mega Cat Studios has released three modern day retro games

Mega Cat Studios has just released three brand new NES games for the classic console. These three games are entirely new games and are not remakes or adaptions.


This unique tabletop/card-based RPG style game puts players into a short experience filled with fast-paced combat. While each game is relatively short, it offers the chance for RPG lovers to play something without needing to commit hours to a single game.

In this game, you have a limited amount of time to decided what actions to take. As a result, players will need to think quickly if they want to overcome a dangerous situation. In addition to this, the game features community-written quests with “advanced game modes” to provide a huge amount of replay value to the game.


Almost Hero

Players are put in control of a Ninja with the aim of fighting through screens full of enemies in this Beat ‘Em Up game. There are several Ninja paths to select from with two characters to select from. As expected for an NES game, the combat is difficult and requires skill to master.


Log Jammers

Log Jammers is an unusual game that pits a Lumberjack against a Zombie in a Pong inspired game with clear influences from the popular physical Air Hockey game. There’s a nice variety of Lumberjacks to select from, all of whom feature their own strengths and weaknesses.

While this is releasing for the NES, there’s also a version coming to Steam which features local and online multiplayer with updated graphics.

It’s possible to purchase only the cartridge but there’s another option for collectors. Interested users can also purchase a version of each of these games with the game, a special high quality box and also an exclusive manual. The simple cartridge version does not include a box or manual.

Anyone interested in these games can use this link to check them out on the official Mega Cat Studios website here.


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