Rabbit Story Review – Cute but oh so sad

Adorable, charming, dramatic and dark. How can something so cute have such a sad story?

Developer: Viacheslav Bushuey
Publisher: Viacheslav Bushuey
Release Date: 16th May 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows and Mac OS)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


We were originally given the key for this game back in May but after the chaos that was E3, this sweet little game was lost in the madness. Thank goodness we found it again as this game is certainly worth a look despite its short length.

Rabbit Story follows the tale of three main characters: Rabbit the rabbit, Kitty the cat and Doggy the dog. It seems to set the game up to be a children’s story, but don’t let that trick you. Don’t be fooled by the incredibly cute and adorable graphics featured in the game.

The game starts with Rabbit walking home only to remember that he had missed Kitty’s birthday. Feeling guilty. he sets out to find a present which is difficult as he knows she doesn’t like many things. He quickly finds one and returns to their house only to discover that she had left him permanently. Now, the game doesn’t tell the player if the pair are dating or not and it’s left to the player to decide.

In his grief, Rabbit finds a new friend called Doggy who like a lot of the same things as him so they get along great. However, Kitty doesn’t leave his mind and Rabbit soon ends up in quite a dark situation where he’s torn between the two of them.

As the game progresses, the player is able to experience Rabbit’s grief and struggle before eventually being shown what the relationship between him and Kitty was really like.¬†It’s a story that reflects many human relationships and it’s easy for the player to see something of themselves in each of the characters. It urges players to think about their own real-life relationship issues and how things can feel very different between two people. In short, the story is incredible and nicely done.

The gameplay, on the other hand, might be a bit too slow for some players. Rabbit Story is split into different chapters which are very short and offer the same kind of gameplay. For the most part, the player will just be clicking to move Rabbit around the world. There are two ‘riddle’ sections which are just different questions which can easily be solved with some online help if you don’t remember the answers from school. In addition to this, there are also two ‘combat’ sections in the game against ghosts where the player must flash a flashlight at them repeatedly to defeat the ghost.

The game was not intended to be challenging, add that to the brevity which tends to be common in experiences like this, and some players may come away from this game a little disappointed. On the plus side, there’s a nice little mini-game on a video game console in the game. There’s also an additional episode to unlock by collecting all of the carrots in the game so there is some replay value to the game.

Overall, Rabbit Story is an experience worth having but the short length of the game may not warrant a purchase at full price.



  • Interesting story
  • Fun mini-game
  • Adorable and charming graphics



  • Too short
  • Expensive for the game length
  • Slow gameplay

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