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Everything We Know About The Evil Within 2

During E3 2017, Bethesda presented the new trailer to the sequel, The Evil Within. Created by Tango Gameworks and Shinji Mikami, players are, once again, thrust into the dark realm with lead character Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Having a mixture of mystery, thriller and survival horror, The Evil Within 2 looks like a terror-driven scarefest that’ll have players on the edge of their seats.




In order to save his daughter, Lily, Dr. Castellanos must team up with a shadowy corporation called Mobius who destroyed his old life. Along the way, Sebastian will solve mysteries of Union as well as the true motives behind Mobius. Players will be in for a horrifying ride with this new installment filled with interesting and terrifying monster with brand new villians, a simple storyline, and a disturbing new world for players to explore. Players will be able to explore this world at their own pace and are not forced to rush through the environments.




Players decided how they attack or defend themselves but always remember that they will have limited ammo. Players will be able to customize both Sebastian and the weapons he obtains throughout the game. As expected, it’s possible to customize and upgrade Sebastian’s health, stealth ability and more. Players will be able to increase ammo capacity and firepower as they progress through the game. The developers also utilized a crafting system to give players more customization as well as the freedom to play the game their own way. There will be work benches for crafting throughout the world so players can change their playstyle at anytime. You will have to gather items for the work bench, similar to the Dead Island game.

You will have a communicator that will allow you to both talk to Juli Kidman as well as pick up pieces of past events. The players can interact with other beings in the world as well as go on side quests and explore new locations. Green gel is still available but only for customizing Sebastian and not weapons. It costs a lot to unlock special abilities for Sebastian.

The Evil Within 2 will be released on Friday the 13th, October of this year.



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