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George: My top 10 favorite video games

I have bit of a weird history when it comes to video games. I was born in 1998 but played games on the SNES and PlayStation 1. Since this is my first article on the website I decided to introduce myself by writing about my history with gaming. Unlike the other lists on the websites, this is more of a “10 games that redefined how I looked at gaming” than my absolute favourites.


10. Halo 3 ODST maxresdefault

This game opened my eyes to what games are. When I was a young child, I wasn’t allows to play many video games due to violence, language and other ‘adult’ content. So nothing like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto for me back then. However, everything changed because of this one little game.

I was getting my hair cut at my cousins house and she happened to have a copy of this game on Xbox 360. However, she didn’t own a Xbox 360. I volunteered to take the copy off her hands if she could convince my mom to let me have it. She did just that and I was finally introduced to the world of M rated games. The fast paced shooting and dark noir setting of the first level completely blew me away. The game had a huge impact on me and it’s still one of my favourite games of all time due to this. Hell, I still replay the campaign a few times a year!


9. Assassins Creed Brotherhood 4193041-4795775572-28414

Brotherhood is the AC game that made me fall in love with the Assassin’s Creed series. I fell in love with the gameplay and the gorgeous city of Rome. It features a huge amount of content such as building a brotherhood and taking down strongholds but exploring Rome captivated me the most. I’m someone who loves ancient history and as a result, the game was mesmerizing to me. Naturally, I’ve played almost every Assassins’s Creed game in existence because of how much this game influenced me when I was younger.


8. Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron


Back when I was playing weird licensed games like Power Rangers and Iron Man, I was struggling to find anything I really enjoyed. Then I ended up with a PSP which was bundled with this game. This game was actually excluded from my moms rule about violent games because it was Star Wars and because it was science fiction. I don’t even want to think about the amount of hours I sunk into this game back in 2006. Sadly, the PSP broke around a year later and it took me a while to get a new one.


7. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a weird one for me even though I did enjoy the game overall. It made me question why the game is so good and how it differs from other games in the open world RPG genre. It’s better because Witcher 3 takes attributes from other open world games and just improves them to make these things better than other games in its same category. A couple of months ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about the game. He tole me that he loves it and it made me think about what made this game special. I remember reading an article on IGN saying the game was over 200 hours long and I though I’d never finish it. Well, I did and now I’m on my second playthrough. I haven’t even touched the two expansions I missed yet!


6. Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag 


Similarly to Brotherhood, I fell in love with Black Flag but unlike Brotherhood, Black Flag reignited my passion for the Assassins Creed series. The previous game (Assassin’s Creed 3) soured the series for me but Black Flag reignited my flames of passion. 
I liked how Black Flag changed the way you transverse though the world with your ship and gave you tons of exploration a awesome side activates to do and made it all feel fresh and brand new. I also love how they took out the boring Connor Kenway and sent you back about fifty years or so to his more interesting and likable Grandfather Edward Kenway, and you can’t forget the most important part: they let you play as a pirate.

5. Persona 4 Golden 

Persona 4 Golden got me into the Persona series and into JRPGs. I got this game a year or two after it came out on the PlayStation Vita on a sale, when this game was finished installing I jumped into it immediately and I was instantly hooked on the story and the character’s in the game. Also as a person who was in high school at the same time I was playing this I could in some way relate to the characters more, which made it an even better experience. I ended up playing it all night which bad idea because I had school in the morning but after doing that I had a even worse idea, I decide to bring my Vita to school to continue playing Persona, and I played it on the bus, between classes, and I even snuck my Vita into gym class and played it. This game changed my thoughts on JRPGs and showed me how fun they are which got me hooked on games like Lost Odyssey,  Final Fantasy 15, Tales Of Berseria, Blue Dragon, and most recently Persona 5. So thank you Persona 4!

4. Super Mario World

Super Mario World is a game that is near and dear to my heart. It was the first game I ever played, I played this game when I was 3 years old years in 2000, way after the SNES life cycle was over.
I have vague memories of playing this game and not even really knowing what I was suppose to be doing. This game is the game that gave me my fascination with video games, but with this being a game I played in my early years I don’t have much to say on it but the reason it makes the list because it was simply the first game I ever played.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 

 I still consider the best of the Arkham games. Batman: Arkham Asylum changed the way I thought about the video game industry as a whole a gave me a new appreciation for my favorite superhero Batman. When I got this game I went in blind and knew nothing about Arkham Asylum. However, I saw The Dark Knight the year before which had left me desperate for more Batman. This game not only changed my thoughts on Batman making me love the more darker tones of the series but also  changed my life and got me thinking about video games more seriously then just a activity to pass the time for kids, deep down I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

2. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins introduced me to RPG’s. It introduced me a great cast of characters with their own past, and problems they have to that they are dealing with. I had a good time talking to them, learning there stories, and even romancing some of them. Dragon Age Origins is the reason I am a fan of RPG games and if you can find this game or have it on your Xbox, or PC you should try jumping back into it.

1. Red Dead Redemption

Last but not least, at Number one is Red Dead Redemption. A game that I dreamed about every night up until it was released and I eventually got a copy. I was completely fascinated by Red Dead Redemption. From its world, to the story, to the side quest to even the mini games you can find. Red Dead Redemption is the game that I put other open world games up against in terms of side quests and world exploration. Red Dead’s story of revenge and redemption has yet to be toped in my opinion. Red Dead Redemption is timeless game that has aged really well and I hope when Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out I can say the same thing about that game.
These 10 games made me the gamer that I am today for better or for worse, which makes these games some of my favorite games. Each one of those games are games that are close to me and games that I have gone back and still enjoyed. What are a couple of your favorite video games or games that changed the way you thought about video games. What games made you who you are today? Let me know in the comments!

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