5 Games worth getting in August

August is a busy month this year.

Big game releases are definitely picking up in August, which is good news for the industry, and  bad news for our bank accounts. While there’s five games in particular we’ve highlighted for this months special, there’s a list at the end of the article with YouTube links to their trailers. Be sure to check out the list at the end of the article as well, otherwise you might miss some real gems!


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This is the major release for the Switch this month. The X-Com style Mario + Rabbids game from Ubisoft which almost every Switch owner has pre-ordered already. This tactical role-playing game sends the Rabbids into the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario teams up with Rabbid versions of Princess Peach and his brother Luigi to fight a new threat which could take over the kingdom. There are eight playable characters from the Mushroom Kingdom in the game including Mario, Princess Peach and Yoshi. There’s also two player local co-op  on one Switch which is great to see.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be releasing at the end of the month on August 29th.



The highly anticipated arena FPS game is finally here! While it was originally going to be free to play, the developers opted to make it pay to play instead to ensure they could create the best game possible. All of the Alpha and Beta tests for the game have been very positive so LawBreakers is definitely going to be a game to keep an eye on next month. There are several different gamemodes to choose from, they are all team-based and are based on classic FPS gamemodes such as CTF and a mode similar to “Bombing Run” from the Unreal Tournament series.

This FPS game will be releasing on August 8th for the PC and PlayStation 4. It will cost $30 at launch.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The standalone expansion to the Uncharted series is releasing later this month. Players take control of Chloe Frazer who is hunting the Tusk of Ganesh in the mountains of India while the country is being torn apart by a civil war. With the help of Nadine Ross, she makes her way through the many dangers and challenges that stand in the way of finding the legendary treasure. The expectation is one of an Uncharted game with the classic platformer elements, puzzles and plenty of action. Everything we’ve seen so far about this game makes it look fantastic and definitely worth getting this month.

The Lost Legacy releases on August 23rd as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


Life is Strange: Before the Storm

This incoming episodic game is only three episodes long but it seeks to explain the events before the original Life is Strange game. It’s set three years before the original game, and you play as Chloe Price, who has a special “Backtalk” ability that lets her talk her way out of dangerous situations with certain dialogue choices. It can also be used, inadvertently, to make situations worse so players will really need to be thinking about what the best option is. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about the game, but if the first game is anything to go by, then the prequel will be just as amazing.

The first episode releases on August 31st.



Tacoma comes from the developers behind the indie narrative hit, Gone Home. Originally due for release last year, it was delayed to Q1 2017 and well, it’s not Q1 anymore. There isn’t a whole lot we know about this game, other than the fact it’s entered around AI. The player must explore a space station to discover what happened to the people on the station. You will need to discover clues that build up to a story about trust, fear and resolve while the crew deal with a disaster. As far as narrative adventures go, it seems very promising and definitely worth looking out for.

The game releases at the start of the month on August 2nd.



Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Sonic Mania

Resident Evil: Revelations (HD re-release for Xbox One and PS4| No trailer yet)


Agents of Mayhem

Ark: Survival Evolved

Nidhogg 2

The Escapists 2

Cities Skylines (For PS4)

Undertale (For PS4)

Hello Neighbor

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Minecraft: Story Mode (For the Switch)

The Long Dark


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