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Splatoon 2 Splatfest

Hands on with Splatoon 2 in the Splatfest!

Hey what’s going on guys, I got my hands on Splatoon 2 again and this time during the first Splatfest in the last 2 years. During the Splatfest, players would fight and see which dessert was better: #Icecream or #Cake.

Some might argue that the competition was a sabotage from the start as fans clamored for pop sensation, Marina, the Octoling that represents Team Ice Cream. Before the fest even started there was a poll to which she was highly favored and thus their team was stacked. I say their because I chose Cake so that I would be able to find matches quicker. It worked!

The demo featured for the first time, Inkopolis Square. It had a huge stage and had pictures that were drawn from real players all over the plaza and above their inklings.

splatoon 2 plaza

You were forced to pick a team before you could do play online, however I really enjoyed getting a sneak peak of the merchants and the gear that will be offered during the full game.

team choice

I played for about 2 hours and although it was just turf war again, I enjoyed testing out most of the new weapons. My favorite was the Splat dualies which lets you dodge and shoot quickly.


I managed to only win 2 matches during the whole fest but I’m thinking is was due to the lopsidedness of the whole team choosing deal.


I can’t wait for this game to hit stores and eShop this Friday July 21st, 2017. Stay tuned for my review next week as I will have the whole weekend to digest the whole game. For now, here’s a look at The single player mode from Nintendo. Enjoy.


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