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D23 Expo 2017: “Toy Story” Set To Appear In Kingdom Hearts 3


Disney 23 Expo 2017 is finally here! And we all know what that entails: exclusive new Kingdom Hearts 3 updates, trailers, game footage, and the likes. As well as a brand new Disney XD Spider-Man animated series being announced, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Mark Hamill being honoured as Disney Legends, and with some of the long-awaited Disney sequel films such as the Incredibles, Wreck It Ralph 2, and Toy Story 4 receiving release dates, movie footage, and new story info, D23 Expo is the place to be for any die hard Disney fan. But this year is special for many Disney gaming fans in particular and that all comes down to the much anticipated game called Kingdom Hearts 3.

At this year’s E3, a new gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was released featuring Sora, Donald, and Goofy battling Heartless in a much more polished and pleasing landscape of Olympus Coliseum on the game’s Unreal Engine to an abundance of cheers and excitement from long-time fans of the series. As the trailer closed, it was clearly stated that more news and coverage concerning Kingdom Hearts 3 would be presented at D23 Expo 2017 on 15th July. And the Kingdom Hearts community were not at all disappointed with what they got.


The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed none other than a brand new Disney world, and not just any old Disney world but an interactive world revolving around the classic 90’s Pixar flick, Toy Story. As well as other Pixar favourites such as Big Hero 6 and Tangled being announced to be included in the game, Toy Story is the newest Pixar addition to Kingdom Hearts 3, and we couldn’t have been any happier to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy interacting with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The long-awaited trailer detailed a fresh selection of new cutscenes and gameplay segments featuring Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting their way through masses of Heartless in Olympus Coliseum and Twilight Town with Yoko Shimamora’s glorious musical score playing in the background. Towards the middle of the trailer, it was then revealed that our three titular heroes find themselves shrunk to the size of small action figures in what looked to be Andy’s bedroom from the Toy Story movies.

A sinister gathering of Heartless soon form within the bedroom, leading to Sora, Donald, and Goofy battling their known enemies before running into Woody, Buzz, Rex, and the rest of the Toy Story characters, who ponder on whether Sora and the gang are Andy’s new “toys”. Much of the trailer showcased both new and old elements of gameplay that will be included in the finished game with most of the focus centering on combat. Many of the new battle tactics and trigger commands seen in the trailer seem to fit very well with the environment of the Toy Story universe such as Sora using a toy mallet to defeat incoming heartless as well as hopping inside a giant toy robot in a large toy store section of the world, shooting at various enemies.

The characters from Toy Story all looked to fit in well with the game’s Unreal Engine and there didn’t seem to any awkwardness with the animations or movements. The decision to bring in more Pixar worlds to Kingdom Hearts 3 seemed like the right way to go especially with the more advanced gaming experience Square Enix is going for with the Unreal Engine and the more polished up graphics and visuals.

toy story

The last scene of the explosive trailer showed a young Xehanort speaking to Sora about how one heart’s shadow can fill the emptiness of another heart, and explaining how there is darkness he still needs to proclaim and how all the hearts connected in this world can help him find this mysterious darkness.

The trailer ends with the iconic Kingdom Hearts 3 logo and two single words that surely made every Kingdom Hearts fan jump up and scream excitedly in their seat at D23 Expo: “coming 2018.” As of yet, we still don’t know what the initial release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 is, but it is clear now that the title is definitely pinned for a 2018 release which many fans had already speculated from recent game footage and trailers since its first announcement. All we can do now is wait as patiently as we possibly can for 2018 with our heads held high for now at least, one of the highly anticipated games of all time is finally on its way.







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