Here’s why 30,000 World of Tanks players are boycotting the game

This is a special post from CONTRAS about the current state of World of Tanks.

About 30,000 people from various clan communities have decided to boycott the new season on the Global Map. This includes people from the top clans and alliances of the RU server. Why is this happening? Well, it’s simple really. The developers are ruining World of Tanks on purpose.

Those of us fighting against this created a movement called CONTRAS.

The members of CONTRAS have already put forward their list of demands to the company.

The first one is: they want to meet with the leadership of Wargaming and discuss with them the perspectives for the development of the clan mode in the game. This has already been responded to by Wargaming and things certainly look more positive right now. Vyacheslav Makarov, the new head of the Wargaming office in Minsk has asked CONTRAS to email him suggestions, ideas and thoughts on improving the situation.  Makarov also offered to meet with representatives of CONTRAS personally. The meeting will be held at the end of July in the Wargaming’s office in Minsk.

For all World of Tanks players, CONTRAS has a special message to you which you can read here.


Here is everything the CONTRAS movement is unhappy with

Targeted killing of strategy on the global map

The global map was created as a mode in which the strategic component was dominant. But WG itself, despite stating that they support this, deliberately kills off the active strategic action with its’ decisions. This is something that must stop.

The political interaction and balance of power between clans are being replaced by quests and as a result, clans are forced to abandon conquered lands. Such a global map could very well be replaced by tournaments with gold as a participation prize. But the global map department receives glorious statistics and reports that activity in the mode is increasing. That today’s activity influx will be replaced by tomorrow’s desertedness is not discussed.


Demotivation of clans

WG’s last years’ decisions led the way for clans to lose motivation for improving their gameplay and increasing their standard. The constant prioritization of the number of battles over their quality has led to clan members spending a lot of time on the game. It’s very intimidating for new players to see. As a result, they get turned away from clan activities.

Making prizes more equal sounds like a good idea but for clan fights… it’s actually detrimental. Getting the same rewards for defeating a weak and tough enemy is not very rewarding and doesn’t encourage players to push themselves. Instead of searching for ways to increase the combat capability of a clan through new members and training, clans are encouraged to look for loopholes in the game rules.

The recent developments are pushing towards the destruction of the clan segment to the game. Other modes such as Ranked Battles are much more profitable and easy now. So why would anyone bother with the clan mode?


Disrespect towards players and clans

The lack of a proper plan for conducting certain activities for the clan community does not allow for clans to plan their operation to demonstrate maximum results. As a result, it’s difficult to get enough practice for upcoming clan events. They become very stressful and more annoying than fun. The global map department should be announcing events in advance, not a few days before they start.

A clan is formed for dozens of people who have their own lives away from World of Tanks. However, dedicated players are ready to adapt their schedules and make plans if needed so that they can enjoy what the game has to offer. Players of all games do this, it’s nothing new but it’s something that developers should be considering when they announce events.


Closed nature of the global map department

The global map department is not being receptive to us. All community proposales are met with blunt replies about how expensive and labour intensive development is. While this isn’t too bad, they also make comments about us having a lust for gold which is not the case. We just want to ensure the future of the clans.

Currently, there are no contact groups for discussing upcoming improvements and proposals. We only see the occassional community visit by representatives however, these meetings do not bring any real changes.


This is what they believe the Global Map should be like


The global map is the hub for all clan activity. It’s where we train, perform raids and attact new players. Other game modes just don’t provide the same kind of experience and allow players to develop new tactical approaches.

The global map should attract and stimulate clans with its’ possibilities. And also reward each participating player for their effort.



The global map needs to offer players a lot of things: strategy, diplomacy, player interaction and fights. Being strategy focused provides clans with long-term goals and a more entertaining game overall. To measure the strength of a clan, you must evaluate their capability to capture and hold lands on the global map. This is something that should guide the development of the global map and how clans are treated.



Mutual benefit

While the developers state that the global map is not profitable to them, we completely disagree for the following reasons:


  •  To play on the global map, a player needs at least 2-3 vehicles from different branches. He researches these vehicles and doesn’t just leave the game after unlocking the IS-7
  • Playing in the clan environment requires silver, which the player earns by using a premium account and/or premium vehicles. The money for this lands directly on WG’s account
  • The clan keeps a player in the game since clan life is the strongest social component of this product


What does CONTRAS demand?


Return of the prestige of the global map

We propose to return the glory of holding land on the global map.

  • Change the prize distribution to lower the reward for deployment and increase it for holding provinces
  • Quests should not be the primary source of battles, there should be conditions where it’s advantageous for clans to actually fight
  • Alternative prizes on the global map should promote activity to develop clans without increasing the gold resource on the global map
  • There should be a clan portal expansion so players can see the rewards they’ve earned on the global map


The popularization of the global map and clans

We ask that the WG staff responsible for the advertisement of the game to also include the clan component for World of Tanks.

  • Understanding the global map would be easier with training content or a details tutorial
  • Clans should also have the ability to inform the player base of their successes
  • Provide the clan press with the ability to publish news on the official portal of the game (like it was before 2015)
  • Have an official video channel to broadcast clan battles from the global map
  • Include coverage of clan activities and reward clans who also advertise the mode
  • Publish news about the global map including events and map freezes



Development of the global map

We would like to see the developers finally add an Alliance feature to the game. This has been unofficially present since the start of the global map however, it does not receive official support and we would like that to change.

Alliances require a lot of communication and promote social activities between clans. As such, they should be easy to understand and much more accessible by all clans in the game. This is also something that will help keep players interested in World of Tanks for a long time.



We would like WG to create a department or designate a personal manager to work with the clan community. This is needed to create a focus group to discuss directly with the developers so we can improve the game. The focus group would be able to pass on feedback which can be used to keep improving the quality of the global map.


How would CONTRAS like to achieve these goals?



We need cooperation with WG and the clan community, built on mutual respect and the desire to improve the game.

We are currently creating a shortened version of our proposals to improve the global map which will be sent to Mr. Makarov on July 10th.


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  1. I complain against manipulated game.It is up to all of us…IT IS UP TO ALL OF US…for first STOP TO PAY…then STOP TO PLAY…the only way TO CHANGE!


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