CONTRAS: Appeal to all Global Map players in World of Tanks

This is a special post from CONTRAS about the current state of World of Tanks.

Appeal to All Who Play on the Global Map:

Dear players,

We speak with you on behalf of the association of leading clans and sponsors of the game World of Tanks of the RU-region. We appeal to all playing on the Global Map.

Tankers, warriors and officers, currently, we stand with you on the verge of a milestone event that should occur on the Global Map and lead to irreversible consequences. The largest sponsors and alliances of the game are united together for a holy war against the Wargaming Company (hereafter is referred to as “WG”) that had been taking insufficient decisions for our comfortable playing in this mode for many years.

What led us to this? The game dissatisfies more and more players every month, but we don’t see any attempts from the part of WG to change the situation. Just think it over: the Global Map has been changing for the seven year, but it hasn’t become a mode we like! (And it is still in the beta mode now!)

We spend a bunch of our nerves and boil with anger on the game developers every season. Map hanging during events, cancellation of fights, fines due to server failures, glitches, bugs in the game and on the map, strange decisions and constant experiments are just a small part of what annoys us.

The situation has reached the point that WG no longer considers it to be important to inform the community concerning its decisions and believes that we are will-less soldiers who are ready to fight on the map free of charge and unprincipally to generate them a necessary number of fights for a beautiful statistic. They consider us to be bunch of rams, who are able to spend time only in anticipation when they will be confronted with an accomplished fact of a further crazy decision. We pay them our time and money without getting even positive emotions in return.

Every our idea and almost every our thought, is not perceived by WG for 99% under their pretexts of “It’s complicated. It takes too much time. We have other priorities” and so on. Everything is lied over to the unforeseeable future. WG try to squeeze money from the Global Map by forgetting that this is a unique content for the elite of the tank forces. But even with the current approach, in pursuit of monetization of the mode, WG doesn’t make those necessary decisions that would refresh the map and made it interesting for many game clans.

And at this time, clans cease to see the need for playing on the map, but the GM department continues to send positive reports with figures drawn to its directors. We are told that the number of clans on the GM increased that they began to give out more gold and that the mode became more popular. But they cannot deceive their players. It’s been a long time since something interesting happened on the Global Map that would make players scream at the top of lungs of emotions.

Not so long ago, one of the developers of the Global Map mode smiled wryly and said the following: “No alliance in the current realities will be able to repaint the map in one color”. We consider this to be a challenge, a challenge for all of us, a challenge for those who are interested in a good and quality game on the Global Map. We propose to unite, unite all the clans playing on the Global Map from Europe, America and Russia to the Far East and Asia in order to prove to WG that we are the people for whom this game is made and this game should be made for us qualitatively and with respect to the tank community.

Let’s go to the main part. A meeting of representatives of the two largest Russian alliances of the game was held on May 31, at which it was decided to stop fighting for a month on the Global Map for a month and thereby, show WG our protest.

What we propose. Create an alliance of opposing forces called “Contras” for the following purposes: 1. To freeze all combat activity on the map and make a minimum of fights on it trying to reduce them to zero. 2. To recolor the map in gray, which resembles a color of unoccupied provinces. 3. To hold the situation and receive gold free of charge from the map having forgot about the quests and other activities.

We want to equally share all lands on the Global Map and give them to the average non-salary clans. We want to put them on the lands and close the entrance to the map through the landing province by the strongest clans of this game.

After a month, we will send the most important leaders of WG including Viktor Kislyi our own interpretation of the events on the map and see together with you the reaction of the game management and employees responsible for the Global Map. By these actions, we give to understand the WG to stop ignoring the game community concentrated around the Global Map, to start reckoning and actively cooperating with it, as it is made in any noticeable online game or to close this mode.

For the strict following our plan, we need the help of most of the teams of the game playing on the Global Map. Hundreds of clans and tens of thousands of people have already joined us, and we are missing only you. Only having united we will defend our right to our Global Map and our favorite mode! Let’s get together and show that we care it.

Enter the history of the Global Map not as rams, but as people who have their own opinions! And as soon as the season opens, we will be ready to begin a holy war against Wargaming!



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