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Public Notice: Homosexuality is not a sin

Lunawolf Gaming is a safe space for all individuals of different beliefs, gender, sexuality, race and anything else. We believe in fairness for all.

It’s come to my attention that someone has been posting hateful comments on one of our articles, namely: Art for the open minded

So I’d like to publicly address that person.

Calling me a “homo jerk” will not change my stance on equality and acceptance. Whether you believe it or not, calling homosexuality “sinful” is homophobic which is something this website will not stand for. For LGBT+ people, religion can be something which can be extremely harmful and we don’t appreciate being called sinners just for being different.

You can continue to post homophobic comments but we will delete them as they are offensive. Spamming our comments with negativity and sending direct messages leads us to believe that you are just a troll who does not actually care about Nosgoth. If anyone brings shame to Nosgoth, it’s you for acting in such a way.

If you have any other concerns or comments then you are free to explain yourself properly in the comments. Criticism is also welcome and encouraged as there’s no way our writers can improve without it. We welcome all discussions which are civil.


Being born differently is not a sin. We are all human. Accept it or move on.


I hope everyone continues to enjoy our content as we push forward on our journey. Not even six months old yet but we’ve achieved so much and I’m incredibly proud of the team.


Have a nice day everyone,

Clare Lunawolf (Owner, Founder and Editor-In-Chief)


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