The siring of Lumis

Zephon, the second youngest of the council and Emperor of the silenced Cathedral, once had enough of his eldest brother Raziel’s pride. Knowing that Raziel used to sire the most handsome humans as his vampiric offspring he decided to prove his own sense of beauty and to surpass him at least for once.

So he sent out some of his children to search the whole land for humans they would consider beautiful, but the lord was never pleased. Men and women alike were brought to him, one more of astonishing beauty than the other, but Zephon couldn’t find any use of them.

The bloodstock was filled more and more, but the Lord’s goal could never be reached.

Out of options, Zephon took a stroll through the slave pits deep inside the silenced cathedral, taking into consideration to just leave his plan to surpass Raziel for good. But suddenly he stood still.

At first glance, Zephon couldn’t see if this slave in front of him was male or female, but this was not of importance. The beauty of this being was just breathtaking and Zephon could not believe that the answer to his questions was right below his own chamber. From the scent of this human Zephon noticed it was a young male. His skin was so pale that he could be easily mistaken for a vampire. His long, pitch black hair seemed to be made of the finest silk spun by a royal Zephonim – or by Zephon himself. The Lord knew immediately that this fragile being could never be a warrior, but he didn’t care.

Zephon decided to take the boy with him into his chamber, to raise him into adulthood before siring him as his new vampiric son.

The Lord named his new precious ‘Lumis’ as he was the light of his hope to finally challenge his eldest brother. It only took 2 years for Lumis to grow out of his childhood and so Zephon decided to start the ritual. He sired the young man alive with the magic of vampiric blood exchange and kept his new offspring close, so Lumis was not allowed to leave his Lord’s chamber for the first years. He was fed by the Sire himself and protected by the strongest of the clan. He was truly the Lord’s little prince.

But soon fate decided to turn things for the worse and before Zephon could show his eldest brother what he had accomplished Raziel was executed, thrown into the lake of the dead.

Full of rage Zephon threw Lumis out of his chamber and decided he should join the forces of the Spies, the Deceivers. No one should ever see the young vampire’s beautiful face ever again and so Lumis is now damned to wear the golden Mask of the mind – dwellers.




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