4 Skyrim quest mods everyone should have

Are you a huge Skyrim fan like us? Then you’ve probably completed almost all of the quests several times over.

That means that you need to find a bit more content to expand that game however, you don’t always need an huge expansion to add more content to the game. Sure, expansion mods such as Enderal are amazing and huge but there’s plenty of smaller quest mods which add a lot of content to the game. Check out some of the best quest mods for Skyrim to expand your game.


Blackreach Railroad

Ever wanted a train in Skyrim? Well this modder has made it a reality. This mod adds a train to the depths of Blackreach to help the player travel around the zone. However, to reactivate this train the player must go on a quest to unlock it. It comes with a variety of other quests such as traversing uncharted tracks to unlock new stations. The uncharted tracks are filled with dangers which must be defeated to progress further and unlock new fast travel points all around Skyrim. As a huge bonus, you get a train hat.

Find it on PC here. It’s also available on Xbox One here.



Now this one isn’t much of a quest. The mod adds a brand new companion to the game called Indigo. He’s a Khajiit who levels with you and has over 7000 voice lines recorded. This little cat is skilled in both one handed an archery attacks while he also whispers when you sneak. He’s the perfect immersive companion plus he doesn’t affect your follower count so you can bring another person on your journey. While this is mostly a new companion mod, it does have an additional quest for him and the developer has stated that they intend to expand this. So think of Indigo more like an investment in a good quest mod than a good quest mod right now.

He’s available for PC here and for Xbox One here.


Faction: Pit Fighter

Ever wish there was a fighting guild in Skyrim? Well now you can download one! The Pit Fighter guild adds a whole new element to the game. There are various locations across Skyrim to fight ranging from old arenas to Orc Strongholds and even Smuggler fighting rings. In addition to one-on-one fights, there are also team battles and fights against dangerous creatures which are pushed into the arena. If you get tired of competing, you could sit back and relax as you watch and bet on different fights.

Wanna join the Pit Fighter guild? You can find it here on Steam.


Helgen Reborn

Now this is quite a large mod which is more of a DLC/expansion size. However, it can be completed in around 4-6 hours if you rush and it contains a great variety of new quests to complete. From recruiting and training guards to discovering an underground slavery ring, there’s lots of content in this mod. However, we don’t consider this to be an expansion for Skyrim since it just overhauls and adds new content to an existing location already in Skyrim. It’s certainly no Enderal but this mod features a great story and some truly memorable quests.

You can find it for PC here.


What’s your favourite quest mod for Skyrim? Let us know!


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