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Art for the open minded…

… and a new author!

This will be a short introduction of myself and a sneak peek of what is going on in this section.

Yes, you are reading correctly: It is about the more sensual aspect of art, just to be clear – Erotic art! It will feature my favourite Nosgoth OC Lumis of Clan Zephonim (Deceiver)who I really adore. And I hope you can get a warm heart for that friendly little chap 🙂

A few words regarding myself:
I am Silaz Varulven, an artist and former Nosgoth player from Germany. Born in 1987, I pretty much grew up with the Legacy of Kain series, so I was really hyped when Nosgoth was announced back then. When it got released I was invited to participate in the closed alpha… and I loved the game from the very beginning!

When the Deceiver class was released later I fell in love with that grinning spindly vampire immediately, and so Lumis was born.

The Deceiver was my main vampire class, I really enjoyed his sneaky playstyle. But for me, he was way more than bits and bytes.

So naturally I was really devastated when the cancellation of Nosgoth was announced, I cried a lot! It felt like they just killed all those characters off. But I was wrong…
They live on – Through our stories, artworks and everything we create around this awesome game and world. And here I’m showing you my small part: The sensual side of a certain little Deceiver.



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