5 Games worth getting in July 2017

This is looking to be like a nice month for Nintendo. With several major game releases and a new 2DS/3DS being released, this is the perfect time to grab one of Nintendo’s handheld consoles. However, there’s more than just Nintendo games coming this month which are worth taking a look at. As always, there’s a short list of additional noteworthy games being released this coming month at the end of the article so make sure you check them out too!

Splatoon 2

Naturally, Nintendo’s hit shooter game is receiving a sequel. If you didn’t know this game was coming then you must have had your ears filled with ink for the past few months. The new game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive so there won’t be a Wii U release for the new game but that’s fine by us. It looks like a great game with several nice improvements over the original so it’s definately something that all Switch owners should consider purchasing.


Hey! Pikmin

Olimar is back in a brand new Pikmin game! This wasn’t announced during E3 and Nintendo quietly posted the reveal trailer on YouTube with a release date. The new game will be coming to the 2/3DS later this month as an exclusive. It’s pretty clear then that Nintendo is still planning to support their handheld console with several strong titles coming over the course of the year. While some may think Nintendo needs to let the 3DS die, it’s nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about their other platform.


Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

The remake is finally here! Final Fantasy fans can rejoice this month as the Zodiac Age is almost upon us. The game was first announced last year and fans have been left with an agonizing year of waiting from Square Enix but the game will finally be releasing this month. Personally, I hate Square Enix for what happened with Nosgoth but it’s good to see the game finally getting released.


Aven Colony

City builder games are a rare thing these days so seeing a new one is always very exciting! This particular game is set on an alien planet called Aven Prime and the player is tasked with building sprawling cities. Naturally, there is a range of challenges for players to deal with on the brand new world. It looks like a very promising game but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s enough to take the crown from Cities: Skylines.


Lone Echo & Echo Arena

VR isn’t always exciting but these two games look extremely promising and will finally be releasing this month. Lone Echo is a single player experience which looks stunning while Echo Arena is a multiplayer game which looks like a rip-off from Ender’s Game. The developers are releasing Echo Arena for free and are fully intending to create an eSports for the game which we think is very exciting. It’s great to see VR games getting some attention in the eSports world but we’ll have to wait and see if either of these games will actually be any good.





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