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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Master Trials Review

This past weekend Zelda: BOTW dropped it’s first of two DLC’s, The Master Trials, and having bought the expansion pack day one I was excited to get my hands on it. I took a 3 hours trip to the coast for the American Holiday — Independence Day, so it was perfect to play.

The DLC comes with several masks to find after reading a secret journal. The masks offer very cool aesthetics and helpful incentives. Scattered around Hyrule, it wasn’t too hard to find these majestic masks, but it kind of runs dull searching for them but that’s probably because I already put in a ton of hours doing similar quests. My favorite being Majora’s Mask from the Classic 64 game is dope as it makes most enemies not detect you. The most useful, however, is the Korok Mask which shakes whenever you are near a hidden Korok. 100 percent completionist will love this.

The DLC also features a really nice new beginning in the Master Mode, which starts Link’s adventure back to the beginning with only one save slot and one autosave. To me kind of reminds me of the classic Skyrim where you’d do a lot of things and then accidentally die only to realize you forgot to save. The Master mode increasing the enemies difficulty and game rank by one. The increased difficulty is very noticeable as there are more enemies in different spots than normal including the beast that is a Lynel in the Plateau, the Plateau! Try beating that thing with 3 hearts, no armor and a tree branch. In addition to more enemies and harder difficulty, they also regenerate health if you back off of them causing you to think of a better strategy to down the camps. Enemies floating on a raft with balloons are also new and didn’t seem to be too difficult as you can either pop their balloons or light the raft on fire and watch the enemy plummet to their death. I felt this mode to be very fun and brought back all of my memories from when I first got the game on release night in March.

One of the coolest features added is the ability to see where you have traveled throughout the game. The Hero’s Path, which is a green path drawn on your map and trace’s back every step you have made ever. I put it at least 150 hours so rewatching my footstep was awesome. Having not complete all 120 shrines this tool was immediately very useful. I spotted at least 3 giant areas to which I hadn’t trekked.

heros path

The main component to this DLC is of course, the Master Trials. Provided you have obtained the Master Sword, you will have the option of returning to where you first pulled it out and placing it back in to start of very intensive trial. This epic trial resembles my favorite quest of all in the game, Eventide, where you get stripped of all your tools and have no saves to get through many puzzles. Like Eventide, you must scavenge all of your items and think really hard on what to do while taking as little damage as possible as there are very limited resources to choose from. You get three checkpoints to get through and getting to each is no easy task. It will take at least 3 tries to get the trend. Scrapping for ingredients for food is crucial as you only have the health you start with for each checkpoint to work with. My tip is to eat a meal that boosts you extra hearts before entering. I love that it really does test everything you have learned throughout the game. From environmental elements of the game like a thunderstorm, or intense heat to strategic bow skills in the sky. There’s even a tough set where it is all dark an you have only a torch to guide you to enemy’s. This gauntlet proves to be worth the purchase and will hold your attention for awhile.


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