Deadly Labs Review – Frantic and action packed

Deadly Labs is the first mobile game from indie developers Rebound Games. While this may be a mobile game, it certainly looks amazing but does the gameplay as good as it looks?

Developer:  Rebound Games
Publisher: Rebound Games
Release Date: November 19th, 2017
Platforms: Mobile (Android and iOS)
Reviewed on: Android


While the graphics look amazing for a mobile game, it’s important to remember that graphics aren’t everything. Especially for a mobile game. Thankfully, Deadly Labs doesn’t disappoint in either regard. Players are tasked with stopping some mutated evil creatures which are looking to kill all of humanity. These creatures are throwing dangerous items into a barrel of nuclear waste in an effort to start a devastating explosion. It’s down to the player to stop them before this happens and quietly save the world.

The game uses simple controls. One finger is used to move the camera along the side-scrolling map and another finger is used to shoot the enemies on the screen. It’s a system that works nicely and players should be able to quickly get used to the controls. Thankfully, there’s a tutorial level that introduces players to the game nicely. There’s even an option to skip the tutorial for players who have played the game before.

Gameplay in Deadly Labs is very engaging. Players need to be quick on their fingers to move the camera around the screen to spot those dastardly mutants who are running around. While the early levels aren’t too difficult in this regard, players will need to be very agile in the later levels. In addition to this, the shooting mechanics are mostly formed around prediction as the player must aim at where they think the enemy will be.

Getting used to the shooting mechanics can take a little bit of time but it feels quite rewarding to smack those nasty mutants in the side of the head. To make things a little more tricky, the damage is dealt according to where you hit them. So it’s possible to instantly kill them with a single shot or be forced to make several shots in order to kill them. As a result, the game is definitely skill orientated but picking up these skills is relatively easy as the game progresses.

When the enemies throw too many items into the nuclear waste it will explode but players have a small saving grace. There’s a medi-kit in the game. Some of the mutants will carry other items such as medi-kits which will be dropped when the enemy dies. These medi-kits can be saved until you need them or tapped immediately to recover from HP to the barrel. It’s certainly a well-needed addition to the game, especially at the higher levels.

Each level in the game comes with its’ own unique challenges and designs which makes them all feel fresh and interesting. This helps to prevent the games from becoming too repetitive and as the levels are relatively short, the game can be completed quite quickly. This is the biggest downside to the game it lacks a lot of content right now but this is just a demo so a full version will be releasing later this year. There are also unique “Objectives” for each level for players to try and achieve as they play through the level. These are a nice addition to the game and add a certain level of replay value to each level.

Deadly Labs is a nice, but short, mobile game with amazing graphics. The gameplay is engaging which is great to see in a mobile game. While this game is simple to pick up, those with slower reactions may become too frustrated at the game due to the fast nature of the gameplay.



  • Engaging and skill-based gameplay
  • Great graphics
  • Rewarding shooting mechanics
  • Nice replay value


  • Might be too fast for those with slower reaction times
  • Relatively short as it’s only a demo

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